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Journaling is an excellent practice to exercise for many reasons. It can be a therapeutic activity that helps you reflect on day-to-day experiences. It can also serve as a creative outlet, providing a space for you to explore new writing styles or ideas. Journaling can also serve as a way of documenting travels or memorable life events. It may feel silly at the time, but there’s no doubt it’s an invaluable treat to re-read something and have it transport you right back to what you were feeling at that moment. Take your journal with you, wherever you go, by crafting a journaling page with Adobe Spark.

Start a Free Online Diary with Adobe Spark Page

Whatever you intend to use your journal for, Adobe Spark Page can support you. Thinking about trying out a travel journal for your next trip abroad? Upload photos, videos, and other multimedia content from your adventure to your journal page to diversify your storytelling. Maybe you want to start a private journal – Spark Page can help with that, too! Write, structure, and add to your journal without ever having to publish it, so you can keep your thoughts all to yourself. If you ever change your mind, you can always publish and share your page digitally, or even by printing it out and binding it together as a cohesive story. Find our guide below to building your journal with Adobe Spark Page, and get excited about all the ways you can creatively express your own personal entries.

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How to Start a Journal

  1. Choose Your Theme

    What purpose does this journal serve? Is it a personal diary? A travel blog? A private journal or maybe even a collaborative one with friends? Anything is possible with Spark Page. Once you choose the theme of your content, you can choose a design theme to match. Click “Themes” in the top right corner of you Spark Page editor to choose from design suites that feature different font styles and page headers. Explore each and find the one that works best with your journal!

  2. Experiment with Layout Options

    Adobe Spark Page features multiple layout options and customization tools so you can create a page design that resonates with your journal. Once you get started working with Spark Page, click the “+” signs to choose the type of section you’d like to build. There are several options for photo layouts, including grids, glide shows, and split layouts to name a few, that showcase text, photos, videos, and buttons. Experiment with photo collages, glide shows with text overlay captions, and different font header options to create hierarchy. You can also create bullet points or numbered lists, and add hyperlinks to your text.

  3. Create a Collaborative Journal

    While in your Spark Page workspace, click the head silhouette icon to add collaborators to your page. If you’re creating a travel journal or journal for a group project, or even just a journal to keep up with distant friends, the collaborator options makes it simple and easy for anyone to add to your page!

  4. Save and Share Your Journal

    You can publish your journal at anytime, and always go back to re-edit and add to it. You can preview it at anytime during the developing process, or try out “Present” to view it as a slideshow. When you’re ready to share your hard work with the world, click “Share” to publish your journal and create a link to share with friends and family if you’d like!

Build Your Online Journal with Adobe Spark Page

Create a clean, streamline, and impressive online journal without any professional design experience necessary using Adobe Spark Page. With Spark Page, you can worry less about how you think it should look, and focus more on how you want it to look. Your journal is a safe space to unleash your creativity and express yourself! Discover all the design capabilities at your fingertips, as well as all the ways you can create a journal that serves you. Create one endless stream of consciousness journal, or several journals with different purposes. Enjoy the process and look forward to the day you can reflect back on your wonderful memories.

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