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Make unique and custom mood boards in minutes. No design skills needed.

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Create your own aesthetic board in minutes

Using Adobe Spark Post as an aesthetic board maker simply couldn’t be easier. All you need to get started is a computer, a mouse and a reliable internet connection. Play around with various images, layouts, color schemes and text until you’re happy that you’ve successfully portrayed your own design ideas.

Design your own mood board now

How to make a mood board

  1. Pick a size and shape

    Choose from a wide selection of sizes and layouts to create a mood board that works for you.

  2. Choose a theme

    Kick-start your mood board project by selecting one of the ready-made templates available from Adobe Spark Post. You can make changes to the various design elements at any time during the design process.

  3. Personalize with images

    Click the “+” symbol in the main design preview panel and add a photo. There are thousands of license-free images available from Creative Commons, or you can upload some of your own.

  4. Describe with engaging text

    Click the “+” symbol in the main design preview panel and select the “Text” option. Add your own text, and then modify its size, color, font and position in seconds.

  5. Download, share, or print

    Once you’re happy that your mood board reflects your thought process, download it or share it across your social media channels.

Customize based on your mood

A mood board is, by its very nature, a personal collection of thoughts and concepts. Adobe Spark provides you with a range of customization options to ensure that you can create something that truly reflects your thoughts and ideas. Make countless changes to fonts, alignments, color schemes, images and text. The basic functions of Adobe Spark Post can be picked up in just a few minutes, yet they combine to make unique and professional mood boards that best reflect your concepts.

Get started by choosing a template from the categorized options available. Alternatively, you can start your mood board project from scratch. Give your board a name and a graphic size, and click “Continue.” You’ll be taken straight to the main design page, where you can add new elements and edit existing components using a simple click-and-drag system.

A mood board creator for the soul

Why put your project in the hands of someone else when you can take control? Adobe Spark is easy to use, so you can lead the creative process from beginning to end. Make as many changes as you like, and see the results of your ideas immediately in a preview panel. This level of creative power usually comes with a big price tag, but it’s free when you use Adobe Spark. Use Adobe Spark Post as an inspiration board maker, and watch in awe as your ideas and concepts are brought to life.

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