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Create a heckin' great meme using Spark Post's photos of all the goodest doggos in the world. Or, in other words, if you want to put a smile on someone’s face, then paws what you’re doing and make a dog meme! First, find the perfect photo of a pup – you can pick from Spark’s endless selection, or upload your own. Then, fill in the template with a caption that will make you bark with laughter. Dog memes can be a commentary on dogs, or on how dogs seem to convey the same struggle or joy humans experience. Use our guide to inspire your funny bone as you caption & share your dog meme with your friends, family, and followers!

Business Pup // Pup in Suits

"When you lie on your resume and show up on your first day. “I know nothing.”
"Jim I need you to retype your report, I ate the first one."
"I’m not sure of the price but I can give you a ruff estimate."
"I didn’t want to just be a “good boy,” I wanted to be a great boy. I wanted to be the greatest boy that ever lived."

Puppy Eyes

"I’m not lazy, I’m on energy saving mode."
“Does your dog bite?” “No, it’s worse. She judges.”
"Why don’t you go get the ball yourself?"

You Know What You Did

"Innocent until Proven Guilty."
"That moment when you leave a store but don’t buy anything and you’re telling yourself, “Act natural, you’re innocent.”
"Your shoes are missing? Yeah I definitely don’t remember seeing them."
"When you only know one person at the party and they went to the bathroom.

Little Red Riding Pup

"When they ask “Who’s a good babushka?”
"Did somebody say, “Pumpkin Spice?”
"Every meal you make, every bite you take, I’ll be watching you."
"Who is She?"

Snuggle Puggle

"8 billion humans in the world, and I get the freak who collects my poop in little bags."
"Thinking of ways to cancel plans you made 5 minutes ago."
“The only thing you should chase on a Saturday is the next episode.”

The Bundled Pug

"I didn’t choose the pug life. The pug life chose me."
"They said I could be anything, so I became a burrito."
"When you haven’t gone to sleep yet but already can’t wait to come home from work tomorrow."
"The puggle is real."
"Accurate representation of my life rn."

Spot the Difference

"Doggo or nugget?"
"Crunchy boi or fluffy boi?"


"I did the math, we can’t afford the cat."
"That homework looks hard, do you want me to eat it?"
"I think, therefore, I woof."
"Only when one catches their tail can one understand the circle of life."
"So you're telling me all this time, you really haven't been throing the ball?"

Special Delivery

"You’re the flip to my flop."
"I chewed up all your shoes! Guess you’ll have to stay home with me today."
"Wait, you are telling me I have to wait 25 days before I get a new toy?"

My Furry Valentine

"You’re looking quite fetch today!"
"Roses are red, violets are blue. If you were a flower, I’d pick you!"
"All these holes in the backyard, but I dig you the most. "

Not All Heroes Wear Capes, But This One Does

"It’s your friendly neighborhood su-paw-hero!"
It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It doesn’t matter, I’m going to bark at them all!"
"I’m the hero this backyard deserves, but not the one it needs right now. "

Urban Pupfitters

"Atticus, 32. Listens to vinyl. Rides a fixie to his job at a craft brewery in Brooklyn. Collects Members Only jackets and burns sage at parties."
"My favorite frequency is 50,000 Hz. You’ve probably never heard it before. "
"Day 37: The humans still haven’t noticed I’m not actually a barista. "

How to make a dog meme

  1. Choose a free dog picture

    While most memes involve just one image, Adobe Spark lets you add several. Select a funny dog image of your own or one of the thousands of license-free photos provided within the platform.
  2. Choose a font and add your own text

    Click the “Text” link within the design interface to create the message within your meme. You can then make changes to the font, text size and text color.
  3. Choose illustrative and eye-catching icons

    Set your meme apart by adding an icon that helps you tell the story. There are hundreds of ready-to-go illustrations to choose from within the platform.
  4. Share or download

    When you’re happy with the meme you’ve created, you can share it instantly via Facebook or Twitter. You can also download it as a PNG or JPG and share it across other social media platforms at a later time.

Tips on Creating a Dog Meme

Dogs are fun-loving and carefree, which are just some of the many things we admire most about them. Channel their whimsical (or sometimes lazy!) attitude with your caption. Sometimes, dog memes are funny when they speak to how dogs know little to nothing about what’s actually going on. Other times, they’re funny because the dog clearly knows way more than we think! Be silly, play with expectations, and don’t be afraid to include DoggoLingo or Doge Speak terms for an added level of humor.

Let Spark Post Help!

Whether you want to make a dog meme for upvotes or to share with your friends, Spark Post has you covered. Our templates and designs are easy to customize to achieve the meme format you need. Download your design to print it, or share it to your social media. The more memes, the merrier! Make it your mission to leave your friends howling with laughter.

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