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YouTube Channel Logo Templates on Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark’s Inspiration Gallery features an abundance of professionally designed templates to get your creative gears spinning as you design your own YouTube channel logo.

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How to Make a YouTube Logo

  1. Choose Your Elements

    Before you begin designing, consider the intent behind your logo. What will your logo communicate about your channel? Will it be an image-based logo or will it feature words or a tagline? If you have images you want to use, upload them to your Spark workspace. Make sure to double check the spelling of any text you might want to feature in the logo.

  2. Explore Professionally Designed Logo Ideas

    Explore templates and peruse designs on the Adobe Spark Post app (available on the web and your mobile device). Get inspired by other designs and then get excited about crafting them into your very own creation.

  3. Develop Your Design with Icons, Text, and Color

    Under the “+” button in your Spark workspace, you’ll find an option to add images or icons to your design. You can upload images from your own photo library, social networks, or even Adobe’s Creative Cloud library. Adjust the size and color of icons to make it work for your brand. Play with countless different font families to find the style of text that successfully communicates your brand’s voice. And don’t forget about colors! Enter in specific hex values so you can pinpoint your brand’s specific colors in your design.

  4. Save and Share Your Logo

    When you’re ready to share, you can download your logo to upload it to your YouTube channel and other digital platforms. Add your logo as a watermark to all your future videos and posts. Revisit your project at any time to adjust the size or style for future logo needs.

Impress Your Audience with Your Own YouTube Channel Logo

A logo is a brand’s focal point: it’s a starting place for an audience to get to know a brand and a place to return to in order for them to remember what you’re all about. Creating a logo for your YouTube channel is a great way to get your viewers acquainted with your brand and channel’s personality. Having a logo means you can brand content across multiple platforms, from your YouTube videos to your social channels and even merchandise. With Adobe Spark Post, you can easily create your own YouTube channel logo to represent your channel and what you have to offer. And Spark makes it easy for you to instantly download and share your logo on your YouTube channel and other digital platforms.

Let Spark be your YouTube Channel Logo Design Expert

An eye-catching YouTube logo can help your videos stand out in a YouTube search and impress your viewers with a professional feel. Branding is a powerful tool that includes color palette, typography, and graphics; all of which communicate essential information about your digital persona. You get to shape these key elements when you use Adobe Spark Post to make your logo. Each step in the design process takes you to a rich array of choices, allowing you to experiment with various graphics, color schemes, and layouts. Our free YouTube logo creator puts the power of a graphic designer at your fingertips, all laid out along an intuitive user pathway. Take pride in creating something both you and your viewers will love.