Letter of Recommendation Templates on Adobe Spark

Craft a letter of recommendation with ease using Adobe Spark Page.

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Create a Letter of Recommendation with Adobe Spark Page

With Adobe Spark Page, you can upload your letter of recommendation, along with any relevant photos, videos, or links. Save and share immediately with any interested parties. You can even go back and revise your page if you need to update certain details over time. Explore samples of letters of recommendations or create your own with our guide below.

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What to Include in a Letter of Recommendation

If you’re writing a letter of recommendation, you’ll want to keep it as clear and concise as possible. Specific who you are writing for, what your association is with them, and what you think makes them qualified for the position. Be sure to include your contact information for any follow up questions.

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation

  1. Draft Out Your Letter

    Before opening up Adobe Spark, write out your letter in its entirety. Try to keep it to one page in length. Re-read it to proof for any grammar or spelling errors.

  2. Build Your Letter with Spark Page

    When your letter is ready, open up Adobe Spark Page to get started. You can explore letter of recommendation templates pre-made by professional designers or get started from scratch! Drop your letter into your page and format it to your liking. Customize headers and font styles to your preference.

  3. Add Additional Elements

    With Spark Page, you can add photos, videos, or hyperlinks that support your letter. If you have branded stationary or imagery, upload it to your page’s footer or header. Try to keep your letter clean, concise, and easy to read.

  4. Save and Share Your Letter

    Once your letter is complete, click “Share” to publish your page and share the link to the necessary parties. You can also print out your page. If you need to make a change, your page will be available in your Spark library. Just remember to re-share the link once it’s updated.

Write Your Next Letter of Recommendation with Spark Page

Adobe Spark allows you to turn writing a letter of recommendation into a vibrant, expressive creation. Help your applicant stand out by building your letter with Spark Page and getting creative with formatting and multimedia additions. Explore pre-made letter of recommendation samples and templates if you’re feeling a little lost. Preview your page, save your design, and share your letter. With Adobe Spark on your side, you are setting your applicant up for success.