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A recommendation letter is a common supplement for many types of applications. This document is intended to provide additional insight as to what makes the person in question qualified for the applied position. Ideally, the recommendation is a non-biased yet favorable opinion from a trusted source that will paint a picture of the applicant not seen elsewhere in other application documents. Discover how to write, or find a writer for your next recommendation letter with the help of Adobe Spark Page.

Create a Letter of Recommendation with Adobe Spark Page

In the digital age we live in, why not use any opportunity available to you to save trees and send documents electronically? With Adobe Spark Page, you can upload your letter of recommendation, along with any branded elements or relevant photos, videos, or links to support your argument. Save and share immediately with any interested parties. You can even go back and revise your page if you need to update certain details over time. Explore samples of letters of recommendations, or create your own with our guide below.

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Who Should Write a Letter of Recommendation

Applying for a job or school? Reflect on peers, mentors, employers, or teachers who are relevant to the position you are applying to. Give yourself ample time to reach out to them and confirm their availability and interest in writing your letter. Be sure to provide your writer with the information as to where they’ll need to send the letter upon completion. Use this opportunity to converse with the person writing your letter, to chat about your application and your credibility for the position. If they are a mentor, they might have some helpful guidance to offer! And take the time to follow up with a thank you note once the application process is over.

What to Include in a Letter of Recommendation

If you’re writing a letter of recommendation, you’ll want to keep it as clear and concise as possible. Specific who you are writing for, what your association is with them, and what you personally think makes them qualified for the position in question. Avoid clichés and use language that is unique to the applicant. Anecdotes are a great way to offer insight for the person reading the letter! Be sure to include your contact information for any follow up questions.

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation

  1. Draft Out Your Letter

    Before opening up Adobe Spark, write out your letter in its entirety. Try to keep it to one page length. Re-read it out loud to proof for any grammar or spelling errors, or ask a confidant to look it over if you need a second pair of eyes.

  2. Build Your Letter with Spark Page

    When you’re letter itself is ready, open up Spark Page to get started on your final creation. You can explore letter of recommendation templates that are premade by professional designers, or get started from scratch! Drop your letter in to your page and format it to your liking. Use headers and font styles to customize to your preference.

  3. Add Additional Elements

    With Spark Page, you can add photos, videos, or hyperlinks that support your letter. If you have branded stationary or imagery, upload it to your page’s footer or header. Have a photo of work you’ve done with your subject? Add them to your page and caption it appropriately. Try to keep your letter clean, concise, and easy to read, adding in only the most relevant additional resources.

  4. Save and Share Your Letter

    Once your letter is complete, click “Share” to publish your page and share the link to the necessary parties. You can also print your page to turn in a physical copy, or invite readers via email. If you need to make a change, your page will be available in your Spark library for you to make as many edits as necessary. Just remember to re-share the link once it’s updated!

Write Your Next Letter of Recommendation with Spark Page

Adobe Spark allows you to turn tedious or mundane tasks, such as writing a letter of recommendation, into a vibrant, expressive creation! Help your applicant stand out by building your letter with Spark Page and getting creative with formatting and multimedia additions to support your point. Explore premade letter of recommendation samples and templates if you’re feeling a little lost, however, Spark’s intuitive editor is easy to navigate, so building a page will come naturally regardless of your design experience. Preview your page, save your design, and share your letter within moments. You can send your letter digitally, or print it out for a more traditional approach. With Adobe Spark on your side, you are setting your applicant up for success.

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