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A letter of intent is a document that describes your goals and intentions to future potential employers, collaborators, or business partners. Regardless of the recipient, your letter of intent is the opportunity to drive home the message that you’re the best candidate for achieving the goal in question, and your enthusiasm and competency is unrivaled. And for the home run, use Adobe Spark Page to build a professional, tasteful letter that will leave a positive impression on any reader.

Write a letter of intent with Spark Page

There are many purposes a letter of intent can serve, and Adobe Spark Page is here to help with them all. One use is as a broader alternative to a cover letter. While a cover letter describes interest and capability for a specific job, a letter of intent can be used instead when there is no specific role available and instead show a general interest to work for a person, team, or company. Letters of intent can also be used for individual projects or collaborations, by employers as well as contractors or freelancers. And, letters of intent can also be used to detail specifics for business deals, transactions, or propositions. Adobe Spark Page makes it easy to design a letter of intent that is as traditional or custom as you’d like, with flexible design options, themes, and layouts to work with. Additionally, you can upload your personal branding to your design, along with photos or videos that help support your intent. And once you’re ready, easily share the link to your letter via your preferred platform and watch as your intentions manifest into reality! Check out our examples below:

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How to write a Letter of Intent

  1. Start your Letter of Intent with the Specifics

    From the top: include your name, personal details, the date, and the information of your recipient. Start the actual letter with a professional greeting and if necessary, an introduction. Then, promptly state your intention as clearly and concisely as you can. If you’re proposing a business deal, follow up your intention with pertinent details. If you’re applying as a candidate for something, describe your eligibility for the specified intention in language that is true and unique to you. Get excited about making yourself look like the best possible candidate, and feel confident that Adobe Spark Page’s streamlined design will support that.

  2. Customize Your Letter

    There are endless customization options with Adobe Spark Page. Choose a theme that resonates with your brand or personality. Use headers and formatting to create hierarchy, and drop in hyperlinks or buttons when needed.

  3. Add Photos and Videos

    Letters of intent don’t need to feature photos, however, Spark Page comes built with a cover photo so customize it to best fit your letter. Upload your own photo, personal branding imagery, or choose from thousands of beautiful stock photos to add to your letter. Explore the multiple layout options to optimize your media presentation, and get creative as you add your personal touch to it.

  4. Send and Share Your Letter of Intent

    Share your professionally crafted letter within moments. Publish your design, and choose from any of the relevant sharing options to get your letter where it needs to go. If details change, you can always go back and make edits to your letter.

Let Spark be your Letter of Intent Expert

Creating a letter of intent with Adobe Spark Page offers an opportunity for you to stand out from the rest. Flex your creativity while maintaining an air of professionalism through your design. A well-written letter paired with a finely crafted Spark Page are the necessary fixings for a sure-fire letter. A sleek and streamlined presentation is easy to make regardless of your design experience. Let Adobe Spark take any unnecessary stress off your shoulders so you can focus on bringing your intention to life!

Write an impressive letter of intent with Spark Page - No Complicated Editors Here !