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Adobe Spark is here to help you easily create your own experience letter in minutes. No design skills needed.

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Once you’ve crafted your CV using Adobe Spark Page, you might want to look into gathering some work experience letters. Use Adobe Spark Page to craft an experience letter that will stand out.

Stand Out with Your Job Experience

Often these days, job applications are submitted online. So why create an experience letter in an 8.5” x 11” format when you now can build it using Adobe Spark Page? With Spark Page, you can customize the look and feel of your letter, and even add photos and videos to support your statements. Share your letter with ease immediately upon publishing with a ready-to-share link.

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How to Create an Impressive Experience Letter with Adobe Spark Page

  1. Start with the Details

    Before crafting your page, you might want to get all the details down and ready to go. In your letter, you’ll want to include the date, the recipient's name and contact info, your own name and contact info, and of course, a well-written letter describing the experience of the person in question. Using concise and direct language, tell a story of how you’ve come to know this candidate, what their experience has been, and why they matter. Avoid cliché statements and instead, speak genuinely and engagingly to your reader.

  2. Customize Your Letter

    With Adobe Spark Page, you can customize your letter to fit the mood of any candidate, recipient, or industry. Explore different themes to find the perfect fit and adjust font styles and placement to optimize readability.

  3. Add Photos and Videos

    If you have photos or videos that are relevant to your letter, drop them in to your design If you’d rather keep it simple, make use of your access to thousands of free stock photos to add a splash of color to your header and footer. Explore the multiple layout options to optimize your media presentation and get creative to add your personal touch to it.

  4. Send and Share Your Cover Letter

    Sign, seal, and deliver your letter in seconds. Or in digital terms, publish your design, copy the link to share, or email it to the recipient in question. If details change, you can always go back and make edits to your letter.

Let Spark be your Experience Letter Expert

Whether you’re requesting an experience letter or compiling one for a peer, Adobe Spark Page makes it easy to have it look great and leave a positive impact on the reader. A sleek and streamlined presentation is easy to create regardless of your design experience. And it’s easy to share with countless recipients in just a few clicks. Save time (and paper) by crafting your next letter with Adobe Spark Page.