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Sending out digital wedding invitations

Use Adobe Spark to create and instantly send your digital wedding invitations. It’s fun and easy.

Before you send out your invites:

  1. Consolidate your guest list

    You’ve made the list and now you're checking it for the hundredth time. Although guest lists can be tedious, finalizing numbers are integral to many other aspects of your wedding such as catering, wedding favors and the venue itself.

  2. Confirm the venue

    Picking a date is one of the most exciting and daunting things about planning your wedding, but before you start sending out any invites with any dates - it’s important to lock in the venue! Whether it’s an email confirmation or signing on that dotted line, be sure your venue is available and booked on the date which will be a main feature of your digital invitation.

  3. Consider a Save the Date

    If the thought of designing and sending your digital wedding invite is too much to handle at the start of your engagement, Save the Dates are a great way to give your guests more notice of your impending nuptials, whilst also giving you more time to design your wedding invitation. These are usually sent out 6-8 months before the wedding date.

  4. Triple check your guests’ details

    When it comes to sending digital invites, making sure you have the correct spelling and correct email addresses of your guests is imperative.

  5. Be 100% sure about the design

    Make sure you are happy and content with your design before you hit send. Adobe Spark makes it incredibly easy to go back and make changes to your design or send drafts back and forth to your friends until you are happy with your digital masterpiece.

When to send your digital wedding invitations

It is important to remember that digital wedding invites are instant. However, in saying that, there is an art to sending your digital wedding invitation on the right day and at the right time.

When it comes to the days that people are most receptive to emails, the jury seems to be out. Weekends are actually on the bottom of the list, given most people are switched off and are not going to take considerable note of what emails they receive on those days.

That leaves us with during the week, in which Tuesdays and Thursdays are respectively the best days to send news and affirmation of your wedding. If we get into specifics, around 10 am and 11 am is just the ticket when it comes to “prime time” email open rate.