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Using our professionally designed templates and your own creative vision, you can craft an invite as unique as the child being celebrated.

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Share Your Blessings with Adobe Spark Post

Explore countless templates masterfully crafted by professional designers to get you started on your baptismal invitation. Choose a template that serves as a worthy foundation and then take advantage of the customization options Adobe Spark Post has to offer. Choose color themes and fonts that resonate with your announcement and upload your own photos to the design. Then, send and share the invitation with your loved ones.

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Tips for a Christening Invitation for a Baby Girl

A pink background is traditional for a baby girl’s christening and can be customized with complementary colors such as lavender, peach, or light blue. You can also trade out background colors for a background image, such as a field of flowers or a shot of clouds in the sky. Your invite can be dainty and feminine, bold and elegant, or somewhere in between. Whatever approach you choose, make sure it’s a design you’ll want to showcase for years to come.

Tips for a Christening Invitation for a Baby Boy

Honor a child’s boyhood with a playful take on traditionally masculine colors. Rather than prominent blues and mature navy colors, consider soft pastel hues of blue, grey, and green. Add accent colors, such as orange or yellow and decorate with imagery or design elements that complement his personality. If you have a portrait you’d like to feature, upload it to serve as a focal point for your design.

How to Make Your Own Baptism Invitation

  1. Begin with the Details

    Make sure you have all your details in order, including who is being celebrated, where, and when. Specify if it’s a christening or baptism, what people should expect, and a recommendation for attire. Then, choose an invitation template that suits your needs and drop in your details.

  2. Personalize Your Baptism Invitation

    The customization options don’t end with the template. Change up your color scheme to match the mood of the celebration, along with your typeface and font styles. Adjust the layout for readability.

  3. Add Photos to Your Design

    Upload personal photos to feature in your design or choose from thousands of stunning free photos to take your invitation to the next level. Simple photos serve as great christening backgrounds and portraits are perfect for spotlighting the child being celebrated.

  4. Save, Send, and Share Your Invite

    Once everything is to your liking, save and publish your invitation. If you need to make changes, you can always revisit your design. Share your invite online by emailing your loved ones or posting your design to your social platforms. You can also download and print your invite to mail out.

Let Adobe Spark Be Your Baptism Invitation Expert

Whether you’re celebrating a christening, a baptism, or both, this special day is a day to cherish forever. Adobe Spark takes away the stress of planning with an invitation creator that encourages creative expression and distribution with ease, so you can enjoy all that this spiritual celebration has to offer. Choose from sample christening invitations and baptism invitation templates to find the perfect format for your own.

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