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Adobe Spark makes it easy to design custom baby shower invitations. No design skills necessary.

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Why it’s so easy to use Spark Post

Adobe Spark has broken down all the elements of design and laid them out for you in a clean, step-by-step format. We’ve thought of everything, so if you need baby shower ideas, you’re free to work in the realm of pure creativity with free baby shower invitation templates. You can assemble the design elements that express the unique mood of your baby shower, unify them into an awesome completed invitation, and then share or download it.

Create your baby shower invitation

How to make baby shower invitations

  1. Pick the right size

    Adobe lets you choose the size of your invitation to precisely fit your favorite social media platform. Your completed graphic is guaranteed to be the perfect fit for your destination.

  2. Choose a theme

    Your baby shower invitation doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s. Check out the gallery of baby shower templates, each with its own distinctive layout, and then tweak the color palette with Spark’s simple sliders.

  3. Select an Image

    The sky’s the limit here: You can upload an image of your own, or you can use Adobe’s image search to find thousands of free photos online that are available for use.

  4. Pick the typography

    Express the theme of your baby shower with any font style, from elegant vintage to brilliant and contemporary. Then type in your words and you can create the perfect aesthetic mood for boys or for girls.

  5. Share your invitation!

    Once you click the "Share" button, you automatically receive your own unique link. You can also directly post your invitation on Facebook or Twitter, email it, or download it — right from the Adobe Spark page.

Add custom touches to your baby shower invitation

Within the five basic steps listed above, Spark offers you the options of digging deeper into a whole graphic treasure chest of design choices. Simple draggable frames let you make your typography larger or smaller, and you can move it anywhere on the post. You can also pick from a gallery of decorative shapes and borders for any element of your design.

If you’re inspired to work with transparent layers, Spark’s simple opacity slider lets you experiment with sophisticated-looking layers. Fonts and scripts are laid out in a clear sidebar for you to peruse, divided into aesthetic categories such as “Bold,” “Decorative,” “Elegant,” “Modern” and more.

Spark also lets you venture into different forms of media to make your baby shower invitations. A web page invitation, made with Adobe Spark Page, offers you the chance to add a bit of story-telling and additional content. If your excitement about the new arrival just can't be contained in any static format, go ahead and create a video invitation with Adobe Spark Video. And, if you prefer to announce your event by mailing cards rather than by online posting, you have a whole new set of options. Once you download your free printable baby shower invitations, you can print them on your own special hand-picked paper.

Design your baby shower invitation wherever you are

A baby shower is just one beautiful chapter of an unfolding tale of new life. Whether you’re organizing your own event or creating it for a friend or family member, you want your DIY baby shower invitations to be as unique as the child whose arrival you’re celebrating. The simplicity and power of Adobe Spark lets you experiment, test and change your baby shower invites until they look exactly right. If your busy life keeps you on the go, the mobile iOS version of Spark is always close at hand. Adobe Spark is the perfect graphic tool to bring people together to share in the important events of your life.

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