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If you’re taking photos on the go, you might notice in the reviewing process that the horizon is a little bit crooked. Or, perhaps when you rotated your phone, the camera didn’t rotate with it and now your image is sideways. These problems are easy to fix with a simple rotating tool. Upload your images to Adobe Spark Post to make simple rotation edits, however big or small you need, and export a perfect final product.

Rotate Your Images with Adobe Spark

With Adobe Spark Post, rotating your image is easy. Upload an image to your Adobe Spark Post workspace and use the sliding rotate scale to make adjustments to your photo. Save, share, and revisit your image to make additional edits. Follow our quick guide below when uploading and rotating your next creation with Adobe Spark Post.

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How to Rotate Your Images with Adobe Spark

  1. Upload Your Image

    From your Adobe Spark Post mobile app, get started with the green “+” button to upload an image from your library or make a new design. From there, choose the size that suits your needs and move your image to adjust the cropping. If you’d like to rotate your image, simply use two fingers on your image to rotate and zoom in to scale. From your desktop, upload your image and then tap on the image to use the scale and rotator sliding scales as necessary.

  2. Make Additional Edits

    Once you’ve uploaded your content, you can export it or add text and graphics to spice it up. Play around with the “Layout” option to make a photo collage of multiple images.

  3. Rotate Again and Again

    Adobe Spark Post saves your design so you can go back and make additional changes. Rotate your image for a specific export size and then revisit your design to rotate again for a new purpose.

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