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Got something exciting to share? Adobe Spark Post is here to help you get the message out. Not all publishing platforms are created equally. When sharing an image or design, you may need to crop it to a specific size based on the requirements of the platform you’re sharing it on. Image resizing sounds simple but can be challenging to figure out. Spark Post offers an image resizing tool that is intuitive, efficient, and easy to use so you can save time and effort on your next post.

Resize Your Images with Adobe Spark

With Adobe Spark Post, resizing your image is easy. Upload an image to your Spark Post workspace and choose from pre-made size selections. Don’t see the size you desire? There’s also an option to create a custom size. Feeling extra creative? Explore the “Shape Crop” feature to resize your image in a creative shape for added customization.

Resize your images now

How to Resize Your Images with Adobe Spark

  1. Upload Your Image

    From the Spark Post mobile app, get started with the green “+” button to upload an image from your library. From there, choose a size and move your image to adjust the cropping. From the Spark web app, the image resizer tool can be found in your workspace sidebar under “Resize.”

  2. Explore Creative Resize Options

    Beyond just resizing your format, with the Spark Post web app you can resize in even more ways. Click on your image and you’ll see an image editing menu pop up. Choose the “Move Freely” option to crop, shape crop, or free movement across the canvas with your photo. Shape crop offers exciting shapes to frame your photo and you can scale and rotate as necessary to get it just right.

  3. Make Additional Edits

    Once you’ve uploaded your content, you can export it as is or get creative by adding text and graphics. Play around with the “Layout” option to make a photo collage of multiple images.

  4. Resize Again and Again

    Adobe Spark Post saves your design so you can go back and make additional changes. For example, you can upload an image and export it to the correct Instagram size, then go back to your workspace and re-crop your image for Facebook.

Customize your photo online to make it your own

With Adobe Spark Post’s image resizing tool, it’s easy to make images and graphics the right size to share anywhere, be it digital or printed. Spark Post saves you time and effort so you stress less on editing and enjoy more in sharing your images with friends and family. With all the time you saved resizing your images, you’ll have plenty more opportunities for new creative projects with Adobe Spark.