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Create a photo montage to commemorate some of your most cherished photos and memories for all to enjoy!

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Take storytelling to the next level with a beautifully crafted photo montage. A photo montage video is like a digital picture album, only with music, graphics, and the convenience of sharing it with as many people as you’d like! Highlight photos from a recent trip, or select an archive of pictures with a friend to use in a montage for their birthday. Montage videos can be great for weddings, holiday parties, introductions, or simply even quirky content for your social channels. With Adobe Spark, you can customize your montage to perfection, with no editing experience necessary.

Create a Photo Montage with Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark makes it easy to put together a beautiful – and free! – montage in just minutes! Upload your photos from your library directly into your Adobe Spark Video feed, and then organize them according to your preference. Spark Video offers some layout options, but if you feel like getting even more creative, build your layouts using Spark Post, and then take them right to Spark Video to add to your montage! Create something like never before with endless customization options. Follow our guide below to create your very own photo montage using your key to creativity, Adobe Spark.

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How to Create a Photo Montage

  1. Start with Spark Video

    From your Spark Video mobile app, get started with the “+” button and click “Start with my Photos” to add any photos from your mobile photo library to your video editing workspace. Once you’re in the editing process, you can also upload photos from your Google Drive, Dropbox, Adobe Lightroom, Facebook, or Adobe Stock and the selection of free photos that comes with Spark. Hold and drag the photos to re-order them in your timeline.

  2. Choose a Theme

    Tap on “Theme” to choose a theme that complements your montage. Each theme features different text styles, colors, and frame transitions, so play around with each to see which looks best!

  3. Play Around with Your Layout

    Select “Layout” from the top bar to choose a frame layout for each slide. You can simply feature one photo at a time, or create split screen slides. Add text to your photos based on the options provided, and drag your text around the frame to find the perfect place for it.

  4. Incorporate Spark Post

    For unlimited layout options and a wealth of templates and creative inspiration, switch over to your Spark Post app! Select the canvas size that matches your Spark Video (either widescreen or square), and then peruse through unlimited templates or layout options to create a photo collage to place in your photo montage! Save your collage to your library, then upload it to your Spark Video workspace. Adding collages or diverse photo layouts makes for a dynamic video. Have fun with Spark’s customization options, like text placement, icons, and frame or background colors, to make something truly special.

  5. Save and Share Your Design

    Once you’re ready to debut your creation, you can share your montage with the world! Adobe Spark saves your work so you can go back and make additional changes if you ever need to. Otherwise, download your video montage to share it to social media or share directly with friends. You can also copy a direct link to your video that is even easier to share for anyone to watch and enjoy. Revisit the magic of your montage time and time again!

Let Adobe Spark Be Your Photo Montage Expert

Create photo montage magic using Adobe Spark. With Spark on your desktop or on your phone, it’s easy to create a montage anywhere and anytime. Do it in the moment to savor it forever, or gather up all your photos after a special event to make a montage to remember. Have fun with templates and designs using Spark Post, and then take it to Spark Video to organize your montage with themes and music. Save, share, and send with ease, so others can enjoy the memories with you! Adobe Spark takes all the stress out of editing and designing so you can have as much fun making your montage as you will reliving your photo memories.

Create Your Own Photo Montage - No Complicated Editors Here!