Crop Your Images for Free in Minutes

Adobe Spark Post offers editing tools so you can crop or shape crop images to perfection for social content, printed graphics, web banners, and more.

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The cropping tool is an incredibly powerful, yet often underestimated, tool. Spark Post offers an image crop tool that is intuitive, efficient, and easy to use so you can save time and effort on editing your image.

Crop Your Images with Adobe Spark

With Adobe Spark Post, cropping your image is easy. Upload an image to your Spark Post workspace and simply select your image to begin exploring cropping features. You can standard crop or get creative with shape crop options to turn your image into a heart cutout or little sticker to add to your graphic. Once you’re finished, save, download, and share your work of art with the world with ease.

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How to Crop Your Images with Adobe Spark

  1. Upload Your Image

    From your Spark Post mobile app, get started with the green “+” button to upload an image from your library or make a new design. Pick the size that works best for your needs. You can make an initial crop to adjust the framing of your photo by dragging it to fit. On your desktop, upload your photo to a new design and select the size that works best for you.

  2. Stop, Drop, and Crop

    On your Spark Post desktop app, you’ll find lots of exciting cropping features. Begin by clicking on your photo to pull up the image editing options. Choose “Move Freely” to explore your cropping options. Choose from standard rectangular sizes or get creative with shape crop options. These are great if you’d like to make special printed cutouts or stickers, or to turn your image into a sticker on your digital design. The options are endless. Choose “Pin to Background” to return the image to stretch to fill the background. If you’re using your Spark Post mobile app, you can crop by uploading your photo and changing the background size at any time to your desired dimensions. Then, tap the photo and select “Adjust” to nudge, rotate, or scale your image.

  3. Make Additional Edits

    Once you’ve uploaded your content, you can export it as is, or add text and graphics to spice it up. Play around with the “Layout” option to make a photo collage of multiple images.

  4. Crop Again and Again

    Adobe Spark Post saves your design so you can go back and make additional changes. For example, you can upload an image and export it to the correct Instagram size, then go back to your workspace and re-crop your image for Facebook.

Customize your photo online to make it your own

Adobe Spark Post is designed to empower you with creative tools. With more options to create, there are more opportunities to make something beautiful. Use the cropping feature to adjust an image to fit on your social feeds, in a printed picture frame, or on a business card. Create shapes with the shape crop tool to make your image pop on your design or to turn your image into the perfect shape for a button or sticker. Consider the crop tool for your next creative endeavor.