Free Black and White Filters on Adobe Spark

Edit your photos to perfection by applying black and white filters Adobe Spark Post.

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With so many editing capabilities at your fingertips these days, the creative opportunities are truly endless! With Adobe Spark Post, you can upload any image, crop to any size, and edit to your heart’s content. Enhance your image with sliding scale effects, or apply a black and white filter to set the mood. Spark Post’s workspace makes it easy to apply filters so you can edit any image to your liking to convey the magic of the moment.

Convert Images to Black and White with Adobe Spark Post

With Adobe Spark Post, enhancing your image is as easy as can be, no editing skills necessary. Upload your image to your Spark Post workspace and explore an array of editing tools that are at your disposal. Easily edit your photo to black and white, and make enhancement adjustments to get the levels and tones just right. Follow our quick guide below when editing your next creation with Adobe Spark Post.

Add black and white filters now

How to make your pictures black and white

  1. Upload Your Image

    From your Spark Post mobile app, get started with the green “+” button to upload an image from your library or make a new design. Tap on the photo, then on the “Looks” tab where you can select the “Grayscale” filter to create a black and white effect. Then, tap on the “Enhance” tab to make adjustments, such as contrast, saturation, or warmth, to find the perfect black and white tone for your image. If you’re working from the desktop app, you can access the filter menu by tapping on the photo then clicking the “Filters” tab. Select from the drop down “Enhance” menu to add the polishing touches.

  2. Make Additional Edits

    Once you’ve uploaded your content, you can export it as is, or add text and graphics to spice it up! Feel free to play around with the “Layout” option to make a photo collage of multiple images. Check out the “Design” section to see premade designs that can add variation to your creation!

  3. Revisit and Revise Your Design

    Adobe Spark Post saves your design so you can go back and make additional changes. So, get creative exploring the tools at your fingertips and undo any changes you don’t like as you go. No edits are permanent, so you can always revert back to your original version for future needs.

Customize your photo online to make it your own

With Adobe Spark Post’s image enhancement tools, it’s easy to adjust images or graphics to your liking that can be shared digitally or printed. Spark Post makes advanced editing techniques simple to use so you can learn how to enhance and optimize images for yourself. With a number of enhancement options, you can fine tune your own personal editing style to create unique and stand out images. Enjoy the process, and share your designs to captivate your audience on any platform.

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