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Whether you’re promoting your club’s special event or raising awareness for a cause, flyers are a key piece of your communication plan. Adobe Spark Post lets you draw attention to your activity with free club flyer templates -- all in just a few easy steps.

Spark handles your club flyer design needs

To capture the attention of your donors or participants, you have to stand out from the crowd. Using multiple channels is the best way to reach your potential audience, and flyers give you the perfect format for every medium. Spark Post guides you through how to make a club flyer and then easily print it out, email it and post it on social media. The online club flyer maker saves you time by letting you do all the designing at once.

Create your own club flyer now

How to make a club flyer

  1. Pick a size and shape

    Flyers are super-versatile, and you have plenty of room to be creative with Spark’s club flyer templates. Pick a standard letter-size template or an interesting rectangular shape to attract attention.

  2. Choose a theme

    Spark starts you off with options, so you can instantly see how your headlines and text look in different themes. You can pick from a wide range of colors, images or textures for your club flyer background.

  3. Personalize with images

    Do you have a logo or a photo from your last event? Spark’s club flyer maker can take your own uploaded image and integrate it into a professionally laid-out design, or you can browse our online library of photos and graphics.

  4. Select a font

    If you’re still shopping for the best typography for your club flyer design, Spark has options for every mood and audience.

  5. Download, print or share your flyer

    Whether you plan to make club flyers in your home office or send the file to a commercial printer, Spark makes it easy. Share it through social media or email with one click from inside the Adobe Spark Post site.

Raise awareness for your club with Spark

Your club or nonprofit survives by reaching out to like-minded people and showing them why your cause is important. Spark lets you simultaneously produce paper and electronic versions of your announcement, so you can make sure the right audience will see it. You can print out your full-color page in any size and physically post, mail or hand it out. With just a couple clicks you also can post it directly to your social media feeds or download it to email and send it out.

Streamline your outreach

Are you trying to generate free publicity for your club by stuffing the task into a day that’s already too full? Adobe Spark lets you create a club flyer without having to spend hours learning how to do fancy layout and graphics. Our Inspiration Gallery gets you started even if you don’t know how you want the layout to look.

Whether you’re making a school club flyer or publicizing a major fundraising event, Spark Post gives you the tools you need with no learning curve. Each simple step is presented with clear intuitive navigation and no mysterious coding to learn. Now you can tell the world about your organization and still have time to get out there and participate!

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