Amazon Seller Collection by Adobe Spark

Starter Templates to Help Promote Your Business

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Adobe Spark provides Amazon Sellers like you an easy starting point to promote your product and brand. By beginning with these templates, you can create a social promotion, hype a new collection or sale, and design branded materials across all of your marketing platforms.

Branded Templates for Your Business

Promote your business by customizing these templates to fit your brand. From Instagram and Facebook to your YouTube channel or blog, Spark has got a starting spot for you. Get started now with the templates below curated just for you.

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Product Launch Marketing Templates

These customizable templates are set up to give your sales a boost by announcing a new collection launch, or an upcoming giveaway. Easily publish to your social platforms directly from Spark.

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Promotion Marketing Templates

Get your buyers excited with these bold and eye-catching sale templates. Remix any of the templates below to get started.

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Seasonal Holiday Marketing Templates

Be prepared with a wide range of marketing collaterals for key retail holidays like Black Friday, Summer Savings, Mother's Day Discounts - you’ve got ‘em all! Create from any of these templates below to kick off your holiday promotions.

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Branding Kit Templates

Start from a branded set or customize your own branded set of templates. Everything you need to launch and promote your business across different marketing touchpoints: ads, stories, banners and more. Customize by adding in your brand logo, colors, fonts, and messaging.

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How to Remix a Template

  1. Pick the right size

    Your first step is to think about where you intend to post your image, as social post graphics can come in a variety of sizes while Instagram photos are generally square. Select your format carefully so that your graphic doesn't end up being cut off or looking poorly formatted if you share to a variety of outlets.

  2. Choose a theme

    Next, look through templates to find a theme that best suits your post. You can choose anything that captures your vibe from seasonal to silly that best highlights your message.

  3. Personalize it

    For even more one-of-a-kind personalization, upload your own photo (or choose from Adobe Spark's stock photo collection) to put in the background of your image. This creates added depth and your own unique touch to your template.

  4. Choose a Font

    Add your message into the template, then choose the perfect font to make your post a true show-stopper.

  5. Download and Share

    The final step lets you easily share your message directly from Adobe Spark. Simply hit download to save your finished product and then you can upload your image to any social channel.