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Your curriculum vitae or CV is a document that describes your “course of life.” While a resume is a one-page document that presents your relevant personal and professional to a future employer, a CV is a long, detailed document that describes the entire course of your experiences. Your CV should serve as a catalog for the entirety of your academic history, professional experiences, skills and qualifications, awards, publications, and anything else you have to show for your hard work and achievements over the years. Be detailed, be precise, and of course, be organized so anyone who reads through it can get a clear picture of your true greatness. While it might take time to compile all your history and details, you won’t have to worry about spending additional hours preparing the presentation. Adobe Spark Page is here to help you build a streamlined, finely crafted CV that is unique to you.

Stand Out with Adobe Spark

Most job applications are submitted and reviewed online. Chances are you’ve built your resume and cover letter using Adobe Spark Page already, and you likely have a LinkedIn or online portfolio as a supplement to show off your work. Use these resources to gather your information begin to build your CV. In addition to sharing information, Spark Page makes it possible to add photos and videos to your CV page, along with buttons to link to external pages. Let your Spark Page CV serve as the epicenter and catalog for your course of life!

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How to Create CV

  1. Start with your Details

    There is a specific set of categories you’ll want to include on your CV. The order in which you present them is up to you, but consider how the order can best present your experience. Start with personal information and Academic History and Education. From there, tell the story of yourself with professional experience, qualifications, honors and awards, publications, groups or organizations, scholarships, certifications, etc. The list goes on! Share whatever you feel proud of. It helps to write up a rough draft ahead of time to spell check and re-work any grammar if you need to, that way when you begin to design your CV page you can focus on dragging and dropping in your info and laying it out in any desired manner.

  2. Customize Your CV

    There are endless customization options with Adobe Spark Page. Choose a theme that matches the mood of your experience. Themes will change the font styles as well as some of the formatting and headers, so play around until you find the right fit. Don’t forget to hit the preview button at any point to see a final presentation of your page!

  3. Add Photos and Videos

    A traditional CV is text-based, but with a digital format it’s easy to include multimedia in a professional, tasteful way. If you have photos that are examples of your work or accomplishments, upload them and drop them into your CV. If you don’t need photos to reference your work, don’t sweat it! Adobe Spark Page gives you access to stock photos and graphics that you can use to make your CV dynamic and captivating. Explore the multiple layout options to optimize your media presentation, and get creative to add your personal touch to it.

  4. Save, Send and Share Your CV

    As your professional experience grows over time, so should your CV! You can always revisit your page and add more as time goes on. Once you’re ready to share what you have, it’s easy to publish and send to any friends, family, or future employers – all it takes is a few clicks and you’ll have all the sharing options ready for you to distribute.

Let Spark be your CV Expert

Your CV serves many purposes. It can be a great way to archive all your achievements, as well as a document that brings all your experience, skills, and recognitions to light in one place. It is likely a very detailed and dense document, so do your best to keep it organized as you build your page. Use clear and concise language, and stay consistent with your tone and structure. But most of all, let your creative energy inspire life into your CV, and feel proud as you construct it! This is the story of your life after all, and it’s rather exciting. So be sure to design a page using Adobe Spark to reflect that.

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