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Adobe Spark Post offers a custom color palette picker so your colors can work in harmony together to create a professional design in no time!

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Color theory can be a complex and professional tool in the process of strong design work. Colors, like music, symbols, or words, carry meaning with them that varies across the world. And when colors are mixed, it can change up the meaning entirely. Adobe Spark Post’s custom color palette creator is an easy to use tool that provides pre-selected palettes with trusted color combinations fit for any need.

Color Your World with Adobe Spark Post

As you get started with a design, think about what colors might be important. Are you creating a design for a brand that already has a selected color scheme? Are you creating something seasonal, celebratory, or sophisticated? Once you’ve got a rough idea in mind, toggle through our pre-selected palettes to find ones that resonate best with your design.

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How to Make a Custom Color Palette

  1. Cycle Through Palettes

    Once you’ve entered your Spark workspace, click on the “Colors” icon to open up the color menu. A pre-selected list of palettes is available for you to explore, and by clicking on them, the aspects in your design will change accordingly.

  2. Personalize Your Palette

    Is everything perfect except for just one swatch? Click on any icon in the palette to personalize the color to suit your needs. Hex and RGB values are accepted, and you can even save your own brand colors to your library so they’re easy to access during the design process! For added creativity, hit the “shuffle” icon on your palette to see different variations with the same colors.

  3. Choose Colors from a Background Image

    Achieve ultimate color cohesion with the eyedropper tool. Using the eyedropper, click anywhere on your design or background photo to sample the color. Spark will match it, and add it to your palette.

Custom Palettes are Perfect for Custom Designs

Using color as a communication tool is much more ambiguous and intuitive than it may seem. Colors make us feel certain types of ways that we may find hard to explain. In the process of creating your color scheme, make sure to have fun! Allow yourself room to play around with your palette, get creative, and feel inspired by what your design is communicating. Use your instincts, and our premade palettes, to help you hone your love and understanding of color!

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