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A line graph (or line chart) is a graph that connects information that generally takes place over the course of time. This type of graph is helpful for showing data that has both dramatic and subtle changes, and can also feature multiple sets of data at once. If you’ve got the data but not a clue about what to do with it, then you’ve come to the right place – Adobe Spark is here to help.

Showcase Data with Adobe Spark's Line Graph Maker

Spark’s online graph maker tool makes it simple to enter in your collected data and turn it into a beautiful chart. Once you’ve provided your data, flex your creative juices to edit the colors of your graph to your liking, and download the finished product in seconds. Follow our steps below to create your next line graph with Adobe Spark.

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How to Make a Line Graph

  1. Start with the Data

    Have a line chart title ready, along with your X and Y axis data. Generally, time is recorded in the X axis, and the Y axis shows the changes over the specified period. However, you can lay out your data however you’d like! Enter your items and values under the content tab of the graph creator page.

  2. Customize Your Line Graph

    Click on the design tab to play with color options for your line chart to find one that suits your needs! Feel free to play around with the other chart types, such as pie, donut, or bar charts, in case any of those options serve your data better.

  3. Download and Share

    Once everything appears to be in order, hit that download button to instantly download a png file of your chart. Place your png file in your presentations, or email it to your peers. Save your design in case you need to revisit it later with updated data.

Let Spark be your Line Graph Creator Expert

The most important part about any infographic is that it’s easy to read and interpret the data. With Adobe Spark, the process of turning numbers into a design is as easy as can be, and the final product is sure to serve your informational needs. Incorporate your creativity into the process by customizing your chart, and share within minutes! Your peers will be impressed, to say the least.

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