Design Thank You Cards for Free in Minutes

Say “thank you” in the most meaningful way with a handcrafted card. Adobe Spark makes it easy to create something free, fast, and fantastic for a sincere sign of gratitude.

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Make Your Thank You Card with Adobe Spark

Say “thank you” in the most meaningful way with a handcrafted card. Adobe Spark makes it easy to create something free, fast, and fantastic for a sincere sign of gratitude.

Create your own thank you card now

Thank You Card Templates on Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark’s Inspiration Gallery features an abundance of professionally designed templates to get your creative gears spinning as you design your own thank you card.

Create your own thank you card now

How to make thank you cards

  1. Choose a Size

    Adobe Spark Post comes loaded with all sorts of different canvas sizes – both for digital and printed graphics! Choose the size that best suits your needs, or create a custom one! If you’re printing your card, be sure to coordinate the printing size with an envelope if you choose to use one.

  2. Explore Professionally Designed Templates

    On your Spark Post mobile app, you can explore templates just by opening the app on your home page! On your desktop, you can find templates from your workspace by clicking on the “templates” tab. Once you choose a template, you can remix the design by switching up the colors, adding in text, or uploading your own photos. Stress less and instead, enjoy the process of creating something special and personalized.

  3. Design a Card From Scratch

    Make a card as unique as your recipient by creating an original masterpiece! Upload photos or choose from Adobe Spark’s stock photo selection to find just the right image. Add stickers, text, and a personalized message to make your card mean the most!

  4. Save and Share Your Thank You Card

    Did you know? Adobe Spark saves all your designs for you in your Adobe Spark Projects folder, so you can pause at any point and return back to your design if you need to take a break! When you’re ready to share, you can download your design and print it out to give or mail it to your recipient. Or, share it digitally via email or social media.

Create Your Own Thank You Card with Adobe Spark

Expressing gratitude is an important daily practice. It’s a great way to show appreciation and make others feel good about what they do. Practicing gratitude also inspires personal positivity, and can help illuminate all the wonderful things you have in your life and dispel any negativity. The act of sharing a thank you card and taking a dedicated opportunity to say “thank you” can be very meaningful for someone else. Sometimes we don’t always find the time or words to say thanks in a given moment, so sending a card or greeting after the fact offers something your recipient can hold on to forever. With Adobe Spark, you can say thank you any way you’d like, and send it with whoever you want, whenever you’d like.

Say “thank you” in the most meaningful way with a handcrafted card. Adobe Spark makes it easy to create something free, fast, and fantastic for a sincere sign of gratitude. Choose the size of your thank you card, then explore professionally designed template options that offer customizable options for color, photos, and text. Or, get started on your own from scratch! Once you’ve made the perfect design, you can save and share your card however you’d like. Send it digitally for instant delivery, or download your design to print and mail it. Follow our guide to designing your card and making it mean the most!

Send a thank you message that can't be bought

Receiving a thank you card is always an emotional experience for the recipient, but you can give the moment added meaning by creating something truly unique with Adobe Spark. Cards bought in a store can be generic and vague, but custom thank you cards created straight from your imagination will resonate deeply with the recipients — and show them just how grateful you are.

Different Kinds of Thank You Cards

There are many different ways to say thank you, so take some time before you get started on your design to think of the one that will best serve your needs. You can create something fun and uplifting, using silly photos or playful designs. Perhaps you’re looking for something more sentimental, in which case, add space on your design for a well thought-out message where you describe your gratitude in detail. If you’re sending a number of thank you cards, consider making a “Thank You” template of your own! Craft a design, such as a personalized stationery, with Adobe Spark Post, then duplicate your design for each card you have to send. You can also print out your designs and leave a blank space to print out and handwrite a note. Get creative, think gratefully, and most of all, have fun!

Say Thanks, and Say It Often with Adobe Spark

Have fun expressing gratitude along with expressing your creativity while using Spark Post. Use Spark’s tools to your advantage to share a thank you message in a fun, serious, or sentimental tone. Create personalized cards that are sure to put a smile on your recipient’s face. Enjoy the process of saying thanks, and saying it in a meaningful way.

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