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Adobe Spark makes it easy to make your own postcards. No design skills needed.

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We’re all accustomed to think of postal mail as being impersonal, which is why you'll surprise and delight recipients when you make your own postcard. An eye-catching postcard is a great way to announce your event, share a family milestone or stay in touch while you travel. After all, you can’t buy a postcard in a souvenir shop that portrays your own unique experience or the magical sight you just happened to see.

Spark turns any image into a postcard

Sophisticated smartphone cameras have presented photo skills where true skills never resided, making nearly everyone into an accomplished photographer. Up until now, however, you had to know a lot about digital design if you wanted to create your own postcard. Adobe Spark Post takes care of all the complex operations invisibly, leaving you with the simple fun of making step-by-step design choices. Using our online postcard maker, you can combine any image with text and special graphic elements, or simply use a postcard template to make a polished finished product.

Create your own postcard

How to make your own postcards

  1. Pick a size

    Adobe Spark Post lets you choose the size and shape for your creation. Know that postcards of any shape can be mailed, but you can streamline the process by selecting “Landscape” or “Portrait”.
  2. Decide on your theme

    Spark’s free postcard templates draw on the work of professional designers to help you assemble a polished graphic result. You can browse the inspiration gallery for beautiful color palettes, tints, extra graphics and overall design patterns.
  3. Decide on your image

    Postcards are all about images, and Spark is ready to help you use the very best one. Follow the simple links to upload an image from your device, or choose a photo from Spark’s own extensive resources.
  4. Add the right typography

    Whether your postcard design is intended to share a special travel moment, announce an event or do something completely different, your postcard’s text is critically important. Typography communicates more than you can say in words, and it lets people know the feeling behind your message.
  5. Download, share, or print

    You can use a professional print shop or your own home device to produce your free printable postcards. Make as many as you want from your Spark image file.

Customize your postcards with Spark

In logical intuitive steps, you can make almost unlimited changes as you create a postcard. You change the color and shape of your text blocks, experiment with zooming and cropping your images, add different filters and move everything around to where you want it. There really are no limits, and (like every artist) you may want to spend some time experimenting. Your information is always safely saved, so you can reverse any changes you don’t like. Spark’s simple free postcard maker sets your creativity free.

Help your travel experiences come to life

Sometimes when you capture that once-in-a-lifetime image, you want to make it really stand out; you want to give it a longer life than it will have on your Facebook timeline or tweeted out to your friends. When you design your own postcard, your images and words take on true physical existence, and your friends can hold them in their hands. Postcards are real, and they are saved and handed from person to person. Use Spark’s powerful graphic tools to capture and share a moment of your offline life.

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