Happy Easter Wishes & Messages

Create festive Easter greetings using the endless creative opportunities offered by Adobe Spark.

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Send your Easter greetings with Adobe Spark

Using the creative power of Adobe Spark, you can create all sorts of Easter greetings. Craft custom Easter greetings to send to long distance friends and family. Once you get your creative gears spinning, the options are endless.

1.. Wishing you the hope of new beginings Easter brings!

2. Hope your day is filled with lots of happiness and eggs!

3. What happens when you tell an eastern egg a joke? It cracks up!

4. Greetings from Eastern Island.

5. Don't Carrot All

6. Wish You Happy Easter!

How to Create Happy Easter Greetings

  1. Set Your Intention

    Before you get started designing, spend some brainstorming on the type of greeting you’d like to make. Are you creating a religious card to send in the mail? Or maybe a bright and colorful graphic to post on to your social media channels? Or perhaps you’d like to make a printable Easter-themed game or party favor. What is the tone of your greeting and who will be receiving it? Whether you said “yes” to one or all of the above, Adobe Spark Post has you covered.

  2. Choose Your Layout

    Adobe Spark Post gives you loads of pre-set size options to choose from. Choose from printed sizes, social media graphic sizes, or enter in your own specific dimensions. You can change your canvas’ size at any point in the process and Spark Post will automatically re-format your design to match.

  3. Explore Easter Templates

    Adobe Spark Post offers professionally designed templates for you to choose from. On the Adobe Spark Post mobile app, you can browse templates from your Adobe Spark Post home screen. On your desktop, once you choose a canvas size, you’ll find the “Templates” tab. Simply type in “Easter,” “springtime,” or “invite,” to get started on your Easter card.

  4. Sprinkle in Some Easter Magic

    Images, icons, fonts, and colors are all design elements you can use to your advantage. Upload your own photos or choose from Adobe’s stock photo library to add images to your design. Or drop in Easter-themed icons such as flowers or baby animals. Choose fonts that fit the mood, be it formal or more playful, or somewhere in between. Generally, pastels are associated with springtime, but Adobe Spark Post makes it easy to choose from any color of the spectrum.

  5. Save and Share Your Easter Greeting

    Adobe Spark Post makes it easy to showcase your Easter design. Download your design and print it out. If you created a social graphic, you can download it and share it across your platforms. If you’re working on a collaborative project, you can share a direct link to your project to get feedback. Adobe Spark saves your designs as you go, so you can always pause and come back.