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Create and send festive Easter greetings using the endless creative opportunities offered by Adobe Spark Post

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Send your Easter greetings with Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark’s Inspiration Gallery features an abundance of professionally designed templates to get your creative gears spinning as you design your own Easter cards and greetings.

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Have an Egg-cellent Easter with Adobe Spark Post

Hoppy Easter, spring chickens! It’s time to put on your Sunday best for this special day. Easter is traditionally a religious holiday, but is now celebrated by many in honor of springtime and rebirth. Whether you celebrate Easter by going to church, or by having a picnic and Easter egg hunt in your garden, it’s a beautiful day to enjoy fresh air, flowers, and the company of family and friends. Compared to Christmas, it’s not as common to send cards to your entire address book for the Easter holiday, but it is a nice gesture to send a greeting to your close friends and family, or those with whom you’ll be spending the holiday. Explore our guide to using Adobe Spark Post to craft charming, custom Easter greetings to serve any of your holiday needs.

Using the creative power of Adobe Spark Post, you can create all sorts of Easter greetings. Hosting an Easter party? Make an invitation to email or print out and send to your guests. Craft custom Easter greetings to send to long distance friends and family. Print cards to place in Easter baskets, or gift tags to identify whose basket is whose. Build custom Easter game printables such as bingo or trivia cards to enjoy at your party. Once you get your creative gears spinning, the options are endless. Open up your Spark workspace and hop to it!

Happy Easter Messages and Wishes

“Wishing you an egg-ceptionally wonderful Easter!”

“Celebrate this day with peace, love and gratitude. Have a blessed Easter!”

“Count your eggs and your blessings on this beautiful Easter holiday.”

“Hoppy Easter to somebunny special! Wishing you the best on this blessed day.”

“Hope your day is blooming with love and laughter. Easter blessings!”

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Happy Easter Quotes

“Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song.” - Pope John Paul II

“Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life.” - S.D. Gordon

“Easter is the only time when it's perfectly safe to put all of your eggs in one basket.” - Evan Esar

“The Earth laughs in flowers.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Let the resurrection joy lift us from loneliness and weakness and despair to strength and beauty and happiness." - Floyd W. Tomkins

How to Create Happy Easter Greetings

  1. Set Your Intention

    Before you get started designing, spend some brainstorming on the type of greeting you’d like to make. Are you creating a religious card to send in the mail? Or maybe a bright and colorful graphic to post on to your social media channels? Or perhaps you’d like to make a printable Easter-themed game or party favor. What is the tone of your greeting, and who will be receiving it? Whether you said “yes” to one or all of the above, Spark Post has you covered.

  2. Choose Your Layout

    From the beginning of the creative process, Spark Post gives you loads of preset size options to choose from to serve any of your needs. Choose from printed sizes, social media graphic sizes, or enter in your own specific dimensions. And remember – at any point in the process, you can change your canvas’ size and Spark Post will automatically reformat your design to match for a seamless transition.

  3. Explore Easter Templates

    Spark Post is ready to ignite your creative juices by offering professionally designed templates. On your Spark Post mobile app, you can browse templates from your Spark Post homescreen. On your desktop, once you choose a canvas size, you’ll find the “Templates” tab on the side of your screen. Simply type in “Easter,” “springtime,” or “invite,” to name a few ideas, to get started on your creative endeavor. Choose a design that perfectly aligns with your vision, or pick a design to remix and revise to perfection.

  4. Sprinkle in Some Easter Magic

    Images, icons, fonts, and colors are all design tools you can use to your advantage to create something egg-cellent. Upload your own photos or choose from Adobe’s stock photo library to add images to your design. Or, drop in Easter-themed icons such as flowers or baby animals. Choose fonts that fit the mood, be it formal or more playful, or somewhere in between. Lastly, don’t forget about colors! Generally, pastels are most associated with springtime, but Spark Post makes it easy to choose from any color of the spectrum you could ever hope to use in your design.

  5. Save and Share Your Easter Greeting

    Adobe Spark Post makes it as easy as can be to showcase your Easter design wherever you’d like. Did you create an Easter banner, poster, or brunch invitation? Download your design and send it straight to a printer to bring your creation to life. If you created a social graphic, you can download it and share it across your platforms. If you’re working on a collaborative project, you can share the direct link to your project to get feedback from friends and family. Adobe Spark saves your designs as you go, so you can always pause and come back to them, or duplicate them to create new versions!

Send Your Easter Greetings via Text

Creating an Easter graphic is a great way to send a unique and memorable message on this holiday! Text your creative work to friends and family to wish them a Happy Easter. Or, you can text them you Easter invite to save time and paper on regular invites (that won’t get lost in the junk folder, either!). On your Spark Post app, tap on the share icon in the top right corner and then choose “Messages” to send directly via text. Or you can “Save Image” if you want to send your graphic using another messaging app. On your desktop workspace, click the “Download” button to immediately download your graphic in whatever format works best. You can also build your graphic on your desktop, and then open it on your mobile app to be able to send directly from your phone. Spark gives you the options for whatever work style works best for you.

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