Happy Birthday Wishes for Mom

Creating a One-of-a-Kind Greeting

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Stevie Wonder once said it best – “It couldn't fit more perfectly than to have a world party on the day you came to be!” So get excited to celebrate! Birthdays are the perfect opportunity to sing praise for the person in question and put a smile on their face. Put meaning behind your words with our tips below to wish a happy birthday to moms, grandmas, and all the motherly figures out there. Adobe Spark Post has easy-to-use templates to help you create the most festive birthday greeting yet!

1. Rose are red, violets are blue, there's no one I'd rather turn to in times of need than you.

2. You're not just a mom, you're the greatest women I know.

3. Your birthday outshines all the other 364 days of the year.

4. So grateful to be able to grow with you.

5. Cheers to a women full of grace, love, and compassion.

Loving Birthday Wishes for Moms

Birthday cards for moms are a great opportunity to thank them for all that they do. Think about a message that they can hold onto forever, and that will encourage them to sit back, relax, and enjoy their special day to the fullest.

“Happy birthday, Mom! Everyday I am grateful to have you in my life. Let today be another reminder that you’re the best. Love you!”

“You’re more than a mother. You’re the greatest woman I know. Thank you for everything and happy birthday!”

“Hope your day is full of relaxation, an abundance of love, and your favorite type of cake.”

“Mom, if it weren’t for you I would never have become the person I am today. Thank you for being a role model, mother, and an amazing friend. And most important of all, happy birthday!”

“Mom, thanks for all your support and your invaluable life lessons. Cheers to your best birthday yet!”

“I’m so lucky to have a mother like you. You are my best friend, the best mom, and the best person I know. Happiest of birthdays to you!”

“Roses are red, violets are blue. There’s no one I’d rather turn to you in times of trouble than you. Happy birthday to you, mom, you’re the best!”

“Mom, you know how to bring our family together like none other. We love you with all of our hearts. Happy birthday, dear mother! Love, your children.”

“Mom, you are a role model, a genius, a superwoman, a five-star chef, and the most gorgeous person I know. How do you do it all! Cheers to another year of living your best life, happy birthday!”

“I am sending warm wishes and loving thoughts your way for your birthday. Even though we are apart, you will always be in my thoughts as well as in my heart. Happy birthday Mom!”

“Sometimes life gets tough but I always rest assured that I can make it over any obstacle in my way with the power of your love. Thanks for being the best mom the world has to offer, happy birthday!”

“Throughout my whole life, you have showered me with your love. Thank you for always giving me your all. I do my best to always return the favor! Happy birthday, mom!”

“Happy birthday, Ma! My hope is to be the amazing role model for my own family one day as you have been for ours. Your love is the best!”

“Thank you for always providing me with hope, encouragement, joy, and support. You are the best, and I hope that your birthday is as unforgettable as you are.”

“Everyday I learn something new from your grace, wonder, and compassionate soul. Here’s to another year of invaluable life lessons! Happy birthday, Mom!”

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Funny Happy Birthday Messages for Moms

A birthday is a day that should be full of joy, so laughter is heavily encouraged! Keep your mom's sense of humor in mind as you compose your fun-filled greeting.

“However old you are is the new 30. Happy birthday!”

“Like fine wine, we get better with age. Or maybe we just feel better about our age with a little bit of wine!”

“Happy birthday to someone who is smart, talented, pretty, creative, and fabulous! I love that we’re so much alike.”

“It is scientifically proven that people who have more birthdays live longer. Congrats on your success!”

“At least you’re not as old as you will be next year. Happy birthday!”

“Time to tell you the truth, mom, you don’t bake the best cookies in the world. But you do give the best hugs, kisses, back scratches, care when I’m sick, support when I’m down and home to come back to. Your Thanksgiving turkey isn’t too bad either. Happy Birthday!”

“Just like you’re not supposed to have a favorite child, I’m not supposed to have a favorite parent. But between you and me, let’s just say dad didn’t get as great of a gift as you’re getting this year. Happy Birthday, Mom! From your unofficial favorite child.”

“Here’s to hoping all your candles this year don’t set off the fire alarm. Your birthday is gonna be lit!”

“You may be getting older Mom, but think on the bright side, you’ll at least always be younger than Dad! Happy birthday.”

“Just imagine the things you’d want to hear on your birthday and then pretend I said them. Love you mom!”

“If things really do get better with age, then you’re nearing perfection! I bet it feels as good as it looks. Happy birthday, mom!”

“Your birthday outshines all the other 364 days of the year. Happy birthday, mom!”

“For your birthday, how about a fruit salad instead of cake? A fruit salad with mostly grapes – no, all grapes. Fermented grapes. Wine it is!”

“I can barely keep up with everyone’s birthdays these days but you better believe I’d never forget yours! Happy birthday to the best mom there is!”

“A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, the best woman in the world was born! Happy birthday mom!”

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Happy Birthday Quotes for Moms

When the right words are hard to find, there’s no shame in taking inspiration from someone or something else! Enjoy our hand-picked quotes below to share with mom on her special day.

“I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.” - Audrey Hepburn

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” - Oprah Winfrey

“You can be gorgeous at 30, charming at 40, and irresistible for the rest of your life." - Coco Chanel

“I decided if you're lucky enough to be alive, you should use each birthday to celebrate what your life is about.” - Mary Steenburgen

“When someone asks if you'd like cake or pie, why not say you want cake and pie?” - Lisa Loeb

“A beautiful woman is like a painting and remains beautiful no matter how old she is.” - Chloe Thurlow

“The heart of a good mother is as big as the ocean; accommodating all kinds of things and sweeping all unwanted things to its shores!” - Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

"With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come." - William Shakespeare

“It’s that heart of gold, & stardust soul that make you beautiful.” - R.M. Broderick

“I love my mother as trees love water and sunshine. She helps me grow, prosper, and reach great heights.” - Terri Guillemets

“My favorite thing about being a mom is just what a better person it makes you on a daily basis.” - Drew Barrymore

“Birthdays are nature's way of telling you to eat more cake." - Jo Brand

“No matter your age, you will always need your mom.” - Unknown

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Happy Birthday Messages for Other Mothers

Every mother out there works hard year round to shower us with love and compassion, and they deserve some recognition on their special day! Whether this card is for a motherly-figure in your life, a friend’s mom, or a friend who’s recently become a mother, take a moment to show them what they mean to you.

“It’s time to celebrate your special day! You’ve earned it and you deserve it! Happy birthday.”

“Birthdays remind us of who we are and what we’ve done – thanks for being an amazing role model to myself and for many others. Sending you love on this birthday!”

“Thank you so much for always being there for me, through the highs and the lows and all the times in between. Couldn’t have done it without you! With all my love, happy birthday.”

“You’ve given us the world and more, so may all your birthday wishes come true for you today. You’re the best!”

“Nothing is more meaningful than the gift of life. Happy birthday to a wonderful mom who has brought such joy into the world.”

“I hope that today’s wishes, smiles and heartfelt words turn into many amazing memories! You deserve all the best, happy birthday!”

“You may not be my mother but you have treated me like one of your own. For all the countless things you do, I’m infinitely grateful. Thank you and happy birthday.”

“Happy birthday Godmother! You have given me more love, support, and joy than I could have ever asked from you. Today, allow me to return the favor!”

“There are a lot of moms out there in the world but today we recognize YOU as being one of the best. Happy birthday!”

“You may be my step-mom, but in my eyes, you’re the best mom. Thank you for sharing all your love with us to bring our family together. Happy birthday!”

“It’s amazing to know that my best friend in the world also has the best mom. Thanks for always spoiling us with your love and delicious home cooking!”

“Today we get to celebrate both you and your biggest accomplishment yet. Congrats on another lap around the sun, this year with a newborn in tow!”

“You stepped into the role as my mother at the best possible time. I can’t imagine life without you, but boy can I celebrate life with you in it! Happy birthday!”

“When I think about what kind of parent I want to be, I feel so lucky to have you as an example. Happy birthday!”

“An amazing mom deserves an amazing day. Hope it’s the best from start to finish!”

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Happy Birthday Messages for Grandmothers

Often, the most meaningful gift for a grandmother on her special day is a heartfelt card. Start your card with one of our messages below, and feel free to add an anecdotal detail that will put a smile on your grandmother’s face!

“Grandma, you’ve always wished the best for me so today I’m wishing the best for you! Happy birthday!”

“I may not be there to celebrate with you today Grandma, but you are always in my heart. I hope your birthday is nothing but the best.”

“There is no grandma in the world that can compare to you! Thank you for being the guiding light for our family and giving us the gift of so much love and joy. We love you!”

“Oh grandma, today you are younger than ever! Thank you for teaching me all about love, kindness, and eternal youth. I am fortunate to have you, happy birthday.”

“Happy Birthday Grandma! Sit back, relax, and let us spoil you as much as you’ve spoiled us today. You deserve it!”

“To talk to, laugh with, learn from — thanks for being an amazing grandmother and an awesome friend. Happy birthday, I love you!”

“Happy birthday Grandma! Take some time out for yourself today, you deserve it more than anyone I know!"

“I know you have everything in the world so if there is one thing I wish for you today, it would be excellent health and many more amazing memories with your children and grandchildren. Happy birthday!”

“Have a wonderful birthday, grandmother. Thank you for your endless love, patience, warmth, and support. You are truly an angel!”

“My sweet grandmother, when I was young, I dreamt of becoming a woman like you. Your support, love, and faith made me the person I am now. I can’t be grateful enough for it. Happy birthday!”

“If things really do get better with age, then you’re nearing perfection! I bet it feels as good as it looks. Happy birthday, Grandma!”

“Happy birthday to the prettiest, smartest and kindest grandmother on the Earth! I am so lucky that you’ve been kind enough to pass down these genes to the rest of us.”

“Grandma, you have given me such great advice over the years. I want to take this special day and use it as an opportunity to thank you for all that and more. You’re the best!”

“Whether it's your 60th, 80th, or 100th birthday, you look as beautiful as ever, Grandma. Happy birthday to the happiest woman I know!”

“There is not a single day I don't think about you and all that you've done for me. Happy birthday, Grandma!”

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How to Make a Birthday Card with Adobe Spark

  1. Pick a size and shape

    Square or rectangular, high-definition or only a tiny thumbnail; when you make a birthday card, it can be whatever size and shape you want.

  2. Choose a theme

    You can choose from an array of layouts, designs and color schemes, and your choice is never set in stone. Experiment with several and see how your message looks in different graphic presentations.

  3. Personalize with images

    Images are at the heart of Adobe, and we created Spark Post so you can let them speak for you in the clearest possible way. Upload your own photos, or choose from our extensive selection of online images and graphics.

  4. Add birthday messages

    Type the words you want to say, and see how different fonts transform their message. Choose the typography style from our extensive selection that expresses your sentiments most clearly.

  5. Download, share, or print

    Download and print out your design on a card, or share it as an eye-catching post on social media. You can even send the file to a professional printer and have it made up as a banner to hang for the surprise party!

Light the Candles with Adobe Spark

Celebrating mom’s birthday is all about singing praises. Adobe Spark lets you create a custom tailored message that will make her feel special and honored. Whether the occasion is intimate and quiet, or a party that rocks out in sheer exuberance, our designs convey the birthday message that hits exactly the right note. Our templates work for personal greetings, formal wishes, or even for groups signing. Whatever special message you want to deliver, Adobe Spark is here to make all your birthday wishes come true.

Share Your Spark Post Birthday Card with Your Mom

Spark Post makes it easy to design and share your birthday greeting so that it sends the most joy possible. Download and print out your design on a card, or share it as an eye-catching post on social media. If you like to think big, send your design to a professional printer to hang as a banner at the birthday party or to hand out as party favors! However you present it, your card will become a cherished keepsake in its own right to commemorate the joyous day.

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