Happy Birthday Quotes & Messages

Some of our favorite birthday messages, including ones for social distancing birthdays.

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If you or someone you know has a birthday during the quarantine days, then don’t worry, be happy! A birthday is always grounds for celebration, no matter far apart we all are from social distancing. Spark an immense amount of joy for the birthday boy or girl by sending them a fantastic greeting that will lift their spirits and remind them how loved they are.

1. Holy Crap! You’re 50!

2. Sending you a virus-free birthday hug on your special day

3. Nothing can rain on your parade. Happy Birthday, friend!

4. Since I can't see you on your birthday this year, I'm sending you this virtual gift!

5. Happy Birthday!

6. Happy Birthday! This was the most sanitized card I could find.

7. Happy Birthday! I miss you and love you.

8. Happy Birthday! Wish I could be with you.

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How to Make Birthday Card with Adobe Spark

  1. Pick a size and shape

    Square or rectangular, high-definition or only a tiny thumbnail; when you make a birthday card, it can be whatever size and shape you want.

  2. Choose a theme

    You can choose from an array of layouts, designs and color schemes, and your choice is never set in stone. Experiment with several and see how your message looks in different graphic presentations.

  3. Personalize with images

    Images are at the heart of Adobe, and we created Spark Post so you can let them speak for you in the clearest possible way. Upload your own photos or choose from our extensive selection of online images and graphics.

  4. Add birthday messages

    Type the words you want to say and see how different fonts transform their message. Choose the typography style from our extensive selection that expresses your sentiments most clearly.

  5. Download, share, or print

    Download and print out your design on a card or share it as an eye-catching post on social media. You can even send the file to a professional printer and have it made up as a banner to hang for the surprise party.

Light the Candles with Adobe Spark

Celebrating someone’s birthday is all about singing praise. Adobe Spark lets you create a custom-tailored message that will make your recipient feel special and honored. Whether the occasion is bittersweet and quiet, or a party that rocks out in sheer exuberance, our designs convey the birthday message that hits exactly the right note. Our templates work for personal greetings, formal wishes, or even for groups signing. Whatever special message you want to deliver, Adobe Spark is here to make it happen.

Share Your Spark Post Birthday Card

Spark Post makes it easy to design and share your birthday greeting so that it sends the most joy possible. Download and print out your design on a card, or share it as an eye-catching post on social media. If you like to think big, send your design to a professional printer to hang as a banner at the birthday party or to hand out as party favors! However you present it, your card will become a cherished keepsake in its own right to commemorate the joyous day.

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