Make Stunning Greeting Cards for Free with Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark makes it easy to design custom cards. No design skills necessary.

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Create personalized greeting cards in minutes with Adobe Spark Post. A simple design process allows you to use this powerful design suite as a card maker with endless customization options. You don’t need any programming or design skills to create the perfect greeting card — your imagination will suffice.

Design personal greeting cards in minutes

Adobe Spark Post is a free card maker that allows you to create something truly memorable for a loved one. Choose from a selection of sizes, design options and backgrounds to make a greeting card that definitely won’t be found in stores. Whether you’re creating a card for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or a new baby's arrival, you can easily send a heartfelt message that will never be replicated. To get things started, select the "Post" option from the main menu, and enter an initial message. Don't worry: You can change this message at any time before you download your greeting card. Once you’re on the design page, you can make changes and see how they look instantly. Below are five simple steps to creating the perfect greeting card. Experiment with different text, backgrounds, themes and sizes. Once you’re happy, download your card or share it instantly.

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How to make a greeting card

  1. Choose a size

    There are several sizes to choose from, including a selection of "standard" options. Make a card with the "poster," "portrait" or "square" option for the best results.

  2. Select an eye-catching theme

    Choose from a wide selection of themes as a starting point for your design. Don’t worry if your card isn’t exactly how you want it, as you can make detailed changes later.

  3. Give your card personality with an image

    Click the "background" link to upload your own photo, or choose one from Creative Commons via the "search" function. There's also the opportunity to select a color as the background of your card. Click the "palette" link at the top of the design page for a selection of color combinations. Click each one in turn to see how they look on your card.

  4. Send a heartfelt message with customized text

    This is your chance to send a personal message with real meaning. Type your text using the "edit" option, and make changes to its shape, color, font, spacing, alignment and opacity.

  5. Download your card or share it instantly

    Once you're happy with the design of your card, you can either download it for printing or share it via Facebook, Twitter or email. Don't worry if you want to share using another platform, as Adobe Spark generates a link that you can cut and paste anywhere you like.

Create a customized card with real meaning

The potential design combinations are infinite when you make your own card with Adobe Spark. Experiment with different color combinations, images, text, sizes and themes. Click and drag text to resize or reposition it, or play around with different photo filters to perfect your design — the choice is yours. If you’re looking to mark an occasion in a truly unique way, you can also use Spark Page and Spark Video to create original web page cards and video cards.

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