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Build a Brochure That Works Best for You

Adobe Spark’s Inspiration Gallery features an abundance of professionally designed templates to get your creative gears spinning as you design your brochure.

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How to make a brochure

  1. Choose a Size

    Get started by clicking any of the links in this article or typing “brochure” in the template search bar of your Adobe Spark workspace. You can also explore templates through the Adobe Spark Post mobile app. From there, find a template or style that works for you or get started building one from scratch. If you need to adjust the size, Spark Post conveniently resizes your design to fit the new canvas so you can edit with ease.

  2. Personalize Template Designs or Build from Scratch

    Choose a template design you like and start making it your own. Spark Post makes it easy to add in your own customized elements to build something unique. If you don’t find a template that you love, it’s just as easy to build out something from the ground up. Divide up your canvas using colored blocks to create as many sections as you need.

  3. Customize Your Brochure

    Upload pictures from your own photo library or explore Adobe’s stock photo collection for the perfect shot. Play with bold text for titles that read well from a distance. Incorporate branded elements in ways that leave an impression, such as a strategically placed logo or a strong branded color scheme. Make sure your font size is easy to read and that your information is organized.

  4. Save, Share, and Print Your Brochure

    Adobe Spark saves all your designs for you in your Adobe Spark Projects folder so you can pause at any point and return back to your design without missing a beat. You can also revisit your project once it’s finished to update the design for future needs. Once you’re ready to debut your design, download and print out your brochure. Adobe Spark makes it easy for you to go from designing to printing in no time at all.

Craft Breathtaking Brochures with Adobe Spark Post

Brochures are an excellent marketing tool to share helpful information in an eye-catching way. Whether you’re a small startup or an established enterprise, brochures can tell your story and showcase your products and services. Adobe Spark Post makes creating professional-looking brochures easy, fun, and stress-free.

Before you start building your brochure, think about what information or images you’re trying to share with your audience. Try to be clear and concise with your language, as there is often less room than you think for copy, and images tend to communicate more than a paragraph will. Don’t just tell people, show them! Most brochures are generally tri-folds, which allots you six panels to provide info. You can also create a two-fold brochure for something that opens up and reads like a book. Brochures are most often made in a vertical format, but you can play with something horizontal if it better suits your needs. Think about the copy you’ll need, the images you want to share, and the audience you’re communicating with, and then Spark will be ready to turn your ideas into something simple, easy, and fun to achieve.

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