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Adobe Spark makes it easy to create Twitch banners. No design skills necessary.

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Whether you’re kicking off a brand new Twitch channel or doing a makeover on one you've already built, having a great profile banner is key to attracting new views. When potential followers first discover your channel, they’ll be looking at your Twitch banner. Eye-catching graphics that pack an immediate punch will communicate better than words, and with Adobe Spark's Twitch banner maker you’re in total control of your image.

Designing your Twitch profile banner is easy

Using Spark Post, you can start exploring graphic themes before you even know exactly how you want your banner to look. You’ll find inspiration from other Twitch streamers through our Twitch profile banner templates. If you already have your own designs, you’ll be able to upload it as part of the step-by-step choices that Adobe Spark will offer you. The process allows you to go back and change your mind, so it’s easy to try out different designs and color schemes until you find the one that best expresses your personal channel. Suddenly, your average Twitch stream takes on a more creative persona.

Create your own Twitch Banner

How to make a Twitch banner

  1. Pick the right dimensions

    You want to choose Twitch banner dimensions that are large enough for you to give your audience crucial information. At the same time, you don’t want a banner that dominates the screen obnoxiously. Find a happy median so your channel looks professional.

  2. Identify your theme

    Adobe offers several Twitch background themes that can help you stand out from the crowd. Choose one that complements your channel.

  3. Choose an image

    With Adobe Spark, you can access thousands of free images online. Of course, you can also import a Twitch offline image that you made yourself.

  4. Customize your typography

    Twitch banner templates on Adobe will let you browse hundreds of typeface options. Find a script that brings your channel to life. Then, you just paste your content into the text box.

  5. Download and upload your Twitch banner

    Once you make your Twitch Banner with Spark Post, you can download it and place it on your account. Now, you have a banner that offers a custom look and personalized information.

Customize your own Etsy banner with Spark Post

Adobe Spark’s simple user interface makes it easy for you to customize your Twitch banners quickly. You’ve seen cookie-cutter Twitch banners videos that don't offer any personal information about channels. These Twitch users rarely gain much attention because they blend in with the crowd. With Adobe Spark, you won’t fall into that boring category. When you personalize your offline Twitch banner, you get to choose the size, theme, color and background image. Suddenly, you have a way to stand out from other Twitch accounts. You can even add your own photos and text to make your channel more attractive.

Gain more viewers on your Twitch stream

People don’t want to watch anonymous video game players on Twitch. Viewers want to forge relationships with the people they view. A Twitch offline banner lets you share who you are even when you're not online. By using Adobe Spark to make an offline banner, you can give visitors information about your channel when you aren't broadcasting your games. Millions of people share content on Twitch. How will you make yourself different from everyone else? It only takes a few minutes to differentiate yourself when you use Adobe Spark. With personal images, carefully chosen themes and original notes, you can show other Twitch users that they need to pay attention to your stream. Without something that sets you apart, you’re just one of millions hoping to gain a few more views.

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