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Save time and energy with Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark contains pre-set image sizes designed to fit the Tumblr template, so you can ensure your image looks good. Spark also has a huge selection of design assets, including royalty-free photos, fonts, and layout templates.

Create your own Tumblr Banner

How to make a Tumblr banner

  1. Select a size

    Select the proper-sized image for your Tumblr banner to match your template. This step ensures that the entire image is visible when visitors access your blog.

  2. Pick your theme

    Pick a pre-designed theme from Adobe Spark's selection. Then, easily tweak the theme to fit your Tumblr's needs.

  3. Choose an image

    Select an image to serve as the background for your header. You can pick your own image or choose one from the royalty-free photo library.

  4. Decide on a font

    Use a font that best fits your banner and brand aesthetics. You can choose from a wide range of professionally designed fonts from the typography library.

  5. Download, print, or share your invitation

    Once your banner has been designed, you can download it to use on your page.

Simple steps to a custom Tumblr banner

Customize your creations with Adobe Spark to make personalized banners for Tumblr. First, use custom images instead of choosing a photo from the library. Simply upload your own from Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Lightroom, Dropbox, or Google Photos. Next, try tweaking pre-made themes. Themes exist to make things easier, but you can make changes by editing the text, photos, or icons. Finally, consider purchasing a font. Several unique fonts are available on Adobe Spark for a small fee and you can buy one to add a unique look to your Tumblr wallpapers.

Spark features

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