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Adobe Spark makes it easy to design custom Facebook cover photos. No design skills necessary.

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Design Facebook cover photos in a snap

Adobe Spark Post is a free Facebook cover maker that helps you create your own unique, striking banners that amp up your brand and draw in your audience, you can select sizing that's perfectly scaled for a Facebook cover photo, so you don't have to hassle with resizing an image.

Create your own Facebook cover

How to make a Facebook cover photo

  1. Start with sizing

    First, click "Resize" in the upper right hand of your screen, and your toolbar will show all the various post sizes from which you can choose. Scroll down and click on "Facebook cover."

  2. Spice it up

    Next, choose a theme that fits your brand. There are a variety of different designs that each express a unique mood, but if you're not sure which to choose, you can preview any template simply by clicking on it and giving it a try.

  3. Add an eye-catching image

    Now get creative by click on "Background" and customizing the backdrop of your Facebook banner. Either upload your own photo, choose one of thousands of free stock images, or go with a solid color.

  4. Amp up your message with fonts

    Every good Facebook banner needs compelling typography. Select "Text" to scroll through the different fonts and choose one that complements both your brand’s voice and message.

  5. Spread the word

    Once you've tweaked and tinkered to your heart's desire and you feel satisfied with your image, it's time to share it with the world. Click the "Share" button at the top of the page and you can download your graphic, then upload it as your Facebook cover photo.

Limitless customization options

The personalizing options in Spark are not only many, they are also incredibly easy to use. Any photo can have a filter added to it or be rotated and scaled to better fit your graphic. Text can also be customized with color, font, spacing or opacity, and you can add a shape behind or around your text to make it pop. Each of these options can be applied with the click of a button, so you don't have to spend hours fine-tuning your image.

The unique power of Spark

Adobe Spark Post was created to be an aid to those with little or no design experience, making it completely straightforward to use. Its simple, intuitive functions also save time, as you don't have to hassle with difficult software to get what you want. Additionally, with Spark you always get a finished product that is sleek, polished and professional.

Ready to give your Facebook a facelift? Try out Adobe Spark Post and design free Facebook covers that will boost your image and help you further your brand.

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