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Badges create distinction. They can identify a member of a group, recognize an achievement, or indicate authority. Not everyone can claim a badge and that’s what makes them special. With Adobe Spark Post’s free badge maker, you can create a badge for school, work, or any other purpose to print and distribute or to share online – entirely for free. It takes just minutes, even if you’ve never designed anything before.

Badge design made easy

Adobe Spark Post is part of Adobe Spark’s new suite of online design tools. Spark Post includes all the tools you need to create professional looking design projects for sharing and printing, along with a bank of resources and inspiration to help you get started. Designed for short projects like signs, invitations, and badges, Spark Post features all the themes, templates, and font and color options you need to make your own badges for your organization, class, or activity.

To design your own badge, simply sign up for a free account with Adobe Spark. Your new Spark account provides access to Post, as well as Page and Video, plus all of Spark’s resources, including badge design advice, tips, and tutorials from the Spark blog and an inspiration gallery of projects created by users just like you.

Create your own badge now

How to make a badge in minutes

  1. Select a size for your badge

    Whether you plan to use your badge online, or print it out, Post features a gallery of templates in a variety of sizes and dimensions. Choose from those provided, or select “Start From Scratch” for even more sizes, or to create your own custom size. The template appears in your project space, ready to customize with theme, images and text.

  2. Choose illustrative and eye-catching icons

    Badges require eye-catching and descriptive icons in order to inform and engage. Spark Post includes hundreds of icons, all of which you can resize and fill with color.

  3. Add some impactful images

    Give your badge its own identity by adding some photos. Import your own images or choose from a selection provided by Adobe Spark.

  4. Choose a font and add some informative text

    Type the text of your badge into your theme’s text boxes. To change the theme’s default typography and color scheme, highlight the text and make new selections from the font dropdown menu.

  5. Share or download your badge

    When your badge is finished, choose “Publish and Share” to save your badge to your Spark gallery. Spark generates a unique URL for each design for sharing online. You can also choose to download your badge for printing.

Customize your badge to fit your needs

Your Spark account includes all the Spark design tools and you can use them to customize your design even more. With Spark Page, you can create a standalone web page about your organization or activity and feature your badge on the page. You can also make a short video or slideshow with Spark Video and add your badge there. Your badge design can also be added to other kinds of Post projects such as posters, flyers, and invitations. All your designs are saved to your Spark project gallery so you can edit your badge or move it to another Spark tool whenever you like.

Spark makes badge creation easy

Badges can mark achievements and make people stand out from the crowd. With Adobe Spark Post’s badge creator tools, you can create distinctive badges to share or download in minutes – and it’s all completely free.

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