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Zoom is an incredible video communications tool that makes connecting with others feel immediate and personable, no matter the distance. With Zoom, you have your audio and video features, both of which can be turned off at any time so you can engage in video conferences, or just sit back and watch.

And now thanks to virtual backgrounds, you can further customize your presence in a video meeting with a background image of your choice! Find out how to express your creativity with a little help from Adobe Spark Post in our guide below.

Happy Birthday Zoom Backgrounds

Celebrate with a little virtual decoration! Set the mood for the occasion with a festive birthday background to get the party started.

Zoom virtual background templates for desktop

Explore custom virtual background templates for all your desktop video meetings.

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Zoom virtual background templates for mobile

Take your personalized virtual background on the go with you with these templates for your mobile Zoom app.

Make a personalized virtual background with Adobe Spark

When there’s an opportunity to customize with creativity, Adobe Spark Post is at the ready to make it happen! Choose from any of Adobe Spark’s professionally made template designs and resize it to fit Zoom’s virtual background, or create your own design from scratch. You can upload your own photos, browse through Spark’s stock photo and icon libraries, or create something sweet and simple. The options are endless. Let your personality shine through a creative background that you can customize to fit any conference call you’re a part of.

How to make your own Zoom background

  1. Choose your canvas size

    Adobe Spark Post comes loaded with all sorts of different canvas sizes for any of your digital graphic needs. You can also enter in a specific size for a specific need. For virtual backgrounds, you will likely want an image ratio that is 16:9, so a horizontal canvas that is 1280px x 720px or 1920px x 1080px is what Zoom recommends.

  2. Explore professional templates

    Spark Post’s endless selection of templates is a great place to start if you need some direction while creating your custom background. From your mobile app, you can access templates right from your Spark Post home screen. On desktop, you can explore apps from inside your Spark Post workspace. Type in keywords such as “zoom background,” “pattern,” or “design” to see what sort of graphic templates are out there. Or, search for something more specific such as “flowers” or “modern design.” If you see a template you like but it’s a different size, remember you can always resize to the canvas you want, and Spark will automatically reformat it for you!

  3. Add photos to your background

    A good photo can make for the perfect virtual background. Say you have a photo you love from a recent vacation or a screenshot from your favorite movie – you can upload it right to your Spark workspace and set it as your design! Add filters, drop in some icons or stickers, and crop it to perfection. Another option is to explore Spark’s impressive library of stock photos. If you don’t have the photo you’re envisioning in your personal library, you’ll likely find it here.

  4. Make multiple virtual backgrounds

    Now you’ve got one design under your belt, making another will be a breeze! Make custom backgrounds for any type of video conference. Create a professional background for your business calls, or a quirky backdrop for chats with friends. Surprise your peers with a different background every time you chat that matches your mood!

  5. Save and share your design

    Once you’ve customized your graphic to your heart’s content, tap on the share icon in the top right corner and download your design so you can upload right into your Zoom app. Feel free to pass on your custom background with friends and family if you think they’d like it, too! And remember, Spark Post saves all your designs for you in your Projects folder, so you can pause at any point and return back to your design if you need to take a break.

Get creative with virtual backgrounds using Adobe Spark

Impress your friends, family, and co-workers with a fantastic virtual background. Virtual backgrounds are perfect for letting your personality shine when meeting in a virtual space, and they also serve the purpose of adding a bit of flair to your own environment. Let Spark Post be your guide in handcrafting your own background, and have fun exploring your opportunities while doing so!

Add your imagination and personality

If you want a background for your video calls, you can spend time searching the web for something you have in mind, or spend the same amount of time creating the perfect background yourself. Adobe Spark puts you in charge of the design process, without the need for any technical skills. You can make as many changes as you like to create the background you originally envisioned. Adobe Spark delivers quality that design professionals would be proud of, and it’s completely free to use.

Don’t rely on generic designs or images that aren’t properly formatted. Create your own virtual background in minutes with Adobe Spark.

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