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Why students and teachers choose Adobe Spark

Engage your students with a Science Mission

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Adobe Spark is partnering with NASA. The 2019 NASA OPTIMUS PRIME Spinoff Promotion and Research Challenge (OPSPARC) is asking students to ignite their creativity and thinking using Adobe Spark. See more details below and learn how students can participate. 

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Inspiration for everyone

We make a lot of templates. Use them as a starting point for an assignment or as personal inspiration.

Fast, fun creation

Spark is easy peasy. Pick a design theme that speaks to you, drop in photos here and there, add your text, and you’re done!

Sharing with confidence

No need to look over your shoulder. Spark enables students and teachers to safely share projects with each other without worries.

Easy to follow lessons

You deserve more sleep. Meet curricular objectives with our step-by-step lessons and add creativity in the classroom so you’re not up at night making lesson plans.

Get free premium features exclusively for schools

Available to all ages. Can be used consistent with COPPA and similar EU laws if you obtain parent consent.

Students and teachers use existing logins. No additional accounts to manage or passwords to forget.

Hold up, there’s more! Those extra Premium features that usually cost $9.99/month per user? Your school can have those features for FREE!

Your school/college manages and controls Spark access and data.

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Spark in K–12

Watch this Video

"About Mee" by Nahveyah (7th grade)

"Mix & Match" by Will  (12th grade) 

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"My Story" by Kane (7th grade)

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Examples of student work created with Spark:

Spark EDU Guide

Using Adobe Spark for Education?
Then you'll want a copy of our Adobe Spark
Guide for Schools and Educators.

Training and development

Get the most of Adobe Spark for Education. Host a PD session for your teachers with our free PD KitWe've also created free collaborative courses.

Classroom Requirements

Adobe Spark can be used on desktops, laptops, iOS devices, and Chromebooks. Here are the complete system requirements.

Go Back-to-School with Adobe Spark: 9 Assignments to Kick Off the School Year

We turned to Dr. Monica Burns, a Curriculum and EdTech Consultant, to get her tips on how teachers can start the year on a Spark-ly note. 

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Go Back-to-School with Adobe Spark: 9 Assignments to Kick Off the School Year

10 Exercises to Spark Original Thinking and Increase Creativity 

Finding innovative and original ways to connect and create is frequently key to our success and personal growth.

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10 Exercises to Spark Original Thinking and Increase Creativity

15 Fantastic Book Cover Designs That Make Type the Star

Get inspiration for your own Adobe Spark Post designs by browsing a few of our favorite book covers that make typography shine.

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15 Fantastic Book Cover Designs That Make Type the Star

Teachers and students can get all of this for free

Want to deploy Adobe Spark free to your whole school or district?

Your school’s IT Administrator can help deploy Spark to your school:

  • If they already have Adobe products, Spark is available from their “Adobe Admin Console”. Our guide to getting started
  • If they do not have Adobe products, have them request an Adobe Admin Console from which they’ll be able to deploy Spark. Call Adobe at:

    800-858-6188  (US)
    0800 9176 405  (UK)
    18 0091 0584  (Australia)

Want to try Adobe Spark first?

We agree in the value of seeing is believing.

If you’re not ready to deploy to your school or district yet, start exploring Spark using a personal account that’s totally free and has no trial limit.
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Multimedia Presentations in the Classroom

In this free course, explore the principles of effective presentations and how to use Adobe Spark Video to create impactful multimedia presentations. Then learn how to apply your new digital skills to integrate multimedia presentation projects into your curriculum.
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Simple but powerful creativity, presentation, and storytelling tools for FREE

Watch this Video

"My American Story" by Neal (4th grade)

"Family History" by Naomi (10th grade)

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Students can embark on NASA missions with Adobe Spark

Using Spark to join NASA OPSPARC‘s new missions, students will learn about NASA technology, inventing their own, and presenting their ideas in impactful ways that could change the world. The grand prize includes a trip to NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, along with other prizes along the way!

For more information, and to register for the challenge, please visit the OPSPARC website

To give students a starting point, below are 3 Spark remixable templates for Mission 1