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seasonal branding
7 Easy Halloween Social Media Marketing Ideas

Halloween is one of those holidays that has completely migrated to social media. If people don’t post a photo of... Read more

Small Business Marketing Ideas: 4 Stories to Tell About Your Business

Stories have the power to sell. They bring your brand to life, get consumers to care, and market your business... Read more

videoweek in sparks
Week in Sparks: Anti-Bullying Month, National Coming Out Day, and a Bob Dylan Tribute

This week an iconic American singer/songwriter won a Nobel Prize in Literature, Anti-Bullying Month inspired messages of peace and camaraderie,... Read more

How to Get More Instagram Followers in 6 Steps

Instagram averages 500 million monthly users, providing a platform for organic social media marketing at its finest. The free social... Read more

week in sparks
The Week in Sparks: Viral Memes, Book Marketing Ideas, and Humor in Social Media

From creative book marketing ideas to sharing milestones with a video-cast to a dog well on his way to becoming... Read more

marketingphotographyspark spotlight
Spark Spotlight: How a Professional Football Photographer Markets Her Self-Published Book

Johany Jutras first started shooting football as a kid while bored at her brothers’ amateur games. She’d snap action photos... Read more

instagramspark post
13 Boldly Colorful Instagram Accounts That’ll Light Up Your Feed

We love a muted color scheme and a well-placed vintage filter, but lately the Instagram accounts that have been catching... Read more

footballtravelweek in sparks
The Week in Sparks: #WorldTravelDay, Album Art Goes Digital, and Football Wins Online and Offline

This week in Spark storytelling showcases content marketing best practices, the power of video, and new ways independent musicians can... Read more

public speaking
Conquer Public Speaking Fear: How to Craft Compelling Presentations

If a looming business pitch, presentation, or toast makes your heart race and hands clammy, you’re certainly not alone. Most... Read more

Facebook Advertising Tips: 3 Important Metrics to Monitor

In the previous articles about how to create stellar Facebook ads and leverage custom audiences, social media marketing expert Mari... Read more

week in sparks
Week in Sparks: Symbols of Change

When we talk about creating change, we often talk in metaphors, symbolism, and slogans. Symbolic rhetoric has been a mighty... Read more

How Strategic Design Can Help You Build a Brand and Gain Instagram Followers

For 14 years Nicte Cuevas has helped small businesses develop a strong visual brand with her boutique creative agency Nicte... Read more

Winning Sports Social Media Marketing: 21 Ways to Engage Fans Online

When it comes to sports, there are always two games: the one on the field and the one in social... Read more

Week in Sparks: UofO’s “Lucious Fox,” Clemson’s Previously Untold Stories, and How a Dancer Engages Her Community

With college students going back-to-the-dorms and sports teams prepping for homecoming, our social feeds have been flooded with college pride.... Read more

How to Take Better Pictures with Your iPhone

Instagram’s popularity proves it: You don’t need huge lenses and professional equipment to produce heart-worthy or even viral photos. Professional... Read more

brandingseasonalweek in sparks
Week in Sparks: Costumed Dreams, Ghost Stories, and the Global Millennial Mindset

Happy September! How quickly our feeds turned from flip-flops and beach shots to leaf peeping and pumpkins—This week, Instagrammers ushered... Read more

newsweek in sparks
Week in Sparks: Remix Your Way to New

The Spark Post team recently unveiled Post 2.7, which includes all sorts of new snazzy features you’ve been asking for... Read more

spark spotlight
Spark Spotlight: How Guinevere de la Mare Nurtures a Community Online and Offline

Spark user, author, and content strategist Guinevere de la Mare knows how to nurture communities. For eight years, she was... Read more

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