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Spark Spotlight: How Guinevere de la Mare Nurtures a Community Online and Offline

Spark user, author, and content strategist Guinevere de la Mare knows how to nurture communities. For eight years, she was... Read more

#FridayReadsweek in sparks
Week in Sparks: The History of Air Force One, What’s Next for Michael Phelps, & #WorldPhotographyDay

From investigative journalism that shines a light on restrictive voting laws to brilliant night skies to hot new films worth... Read more

How to Make a Film Go Viral: Indie Filmmakers Tell All

Jim Cummings is the ultimate modern filmmaker: He conceived of his Sundance-winning short in a hot tub, wrote it by... Read more

back to schooleducation
16 Ways to Use Adobe Spark in the Classroom

There’s no denying that slight twinge in the air and ads everywhere—it’s back-to-school time! As kids stock up on Pokemon-themed... Read more

Join the Spark Team LIVE at Sundance’s NEXTFEST16!

This weekend, the Spark team is rollin’ into Sundance’s NEXTFEST film festival and we want to meet you! Join us... Read more

week in sparks
Week in Sparks: Burning Man Photo Tips, Dispatches from Rio, the Science of Football Training, and More!

Olympics! Pre-Season football training! Burning Man! Spark users are gearing up for all sorts of exciting events. From dispatches from... Read more

Making Facebook Ads that Work for You: How to Leverage the Power of Custom Audiences

In a previous article we discussed how to create stellar Facebook ads. But the content of your ad is just... Read more

LIVE Replay: Crafting Compelling Videos with Filmmaker Ben Watkins

In today’s Spark morning show, we spoke with filmmaker Ben Watkins about how he helps brands create compelling video content.... Read more

week in sparks
Week in Sparks: Introducing Future Madame Presidents

This week the Democratic National Convention made history when it officially elected Hillary Clinton as the first woman to lead... Read more

8 Basic Design Principles to Help You Create Better Graphics

Graphic design is a highly sought-after skill. Society cares about the way things look, and there is a constant need... Read more

Spark Storytellingweek in sparks
Week in Sparks: Pokemon Go Adventure Tours, Ice Cream Paint Jobs, and More!

This week in Spark storytelling ran the gamut from Pokemon Go entrepreneurialism to the Royal Air Force showing off its... Read more

creativityside hustle
How to Find More Time for Your Side Projects

Data suggests that American workers toil the most hours in all of the industrial world, while a recent survey said... Read more

Brian Nemhauser on Building a Community, Monetizing Content, and Being Your Own Marketer

In today’s Facebook Live episode, we welcomed Spark’s director of product Brian Nemhauser. Not only has Brian been on the... Read more

travelweek in sparks
6 Travel Destinations to Add to Your Bucket List

We’ve got jet setting on our minds and wanderlust in our eyes thanks to these incredible Spark travel stories. From... Read more

Why Perfectionism Is a Creativity Killer and How to Overcome It

In Anne Lamott’s book “Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life,” she describes perfectionism as “the voice of... Read more

9 Ways Spark Page Can Work for Your Business

In today’s Facebook Live broadcast we explored ways small business owners and solo-entrepreneurs can leverage Spark Page for businesses and... Read more

9 Public Speaking Tips, According to a Spoken Word Poet

The first time Pages Matam heard spoken-word poetry, he knew it was what he wanted to do with his life. He... Read more

Week in Sparks: A Race Track in the Clouds, a Day-in-the-Life of Matisyahu, 3 Essential Parisian Meals + More!

This week we got a glimpse into the home life of rapper Matisyahu, saw 10 world-famous extreme athletes turn San... Read more

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