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Spark Spotlight: Inside Ice Warrior, Adventuring to Combat Climate Change

If you thought the era of great explorers was over, think again. Jim McNeill is the founder of Ice Warrior,... Read more

Zero to Instagram Hero: Join Our #FeedGoals Challenge for a Chance to Win!

If there’s any doubt that Instagram should be a key component of your branding and social media strategy, consider these... Read more

Social Media Strategy with Peg Fitzpatrick: 5 Tips to Get You Started

New to social media or know that it’s time to boost your game? Don’t be overwhelmed. If you need simple... Read more

earth monthspark spotlight
4 Inspiring Environmental Orgs to Love and Support

In celebration of Earth Month, we’re spotlighting extraordinary conservationists, environmentalists, and activists who use Spark to inspire, educate, and activate.... Read more

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6 Tips for Picking Photos That Go Well with Text + 17 Free Ones!

In previous articles, we’ve covered how to shoot video backgrounds that will go well with text on screen, and today... Read more

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How a Government Org Uses Social Media to Connect People with Nature

One of the daily pleasures at Spark headquarters is browsing the funny, informative, and beautiful stories that our users create.... Read more

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19 Flyer, Poster, and Collage Templates That Will Teach You Good Design

Whether you’re recruiting members for a club sport or executing a comprehensive social media campaign, you likely need information-rich graphics... Read more

The State of Social Media Marketing in 21 Instagram Posts

Last week members of the Adobe Spark team joined more than 3,000 social marketers and business owners at Social Media... Read more

How to Make People Care About Your Non-Sexy Products

Are you stuck trying to get people to care about your useful—but unsexy—product or system? So was Medtronic Canada, which... Read more

How to Make Your Message Spread on Social Media

The success of the Women’s March on January 21, which is estimated to have drawn between 3 and 5 million... Read more

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Vlog Like a Boss with Amy Schmittauer: 3 Steps to Video Talent

Amy Schmittauer, creator of the popular YouTube channel Savvy Sexy Social, is the Vlog Boss. Her brand is all about... Read more

advertisingwomen's history month
Femvertising: What Is It and How to Do It Well

Women’s History Month was conceived of as a time to acknowledge and pay tribute to the innumerable women who helped... Read more

7 Skills Successful Social Media Managers Cultivate

Social Media Manager is a relatively new position in the grand scheme of things. In fact, a decade ago, it... Read more

feminisminternational women's dayquoteswomen's history month
#ShatterStereotypes: 9 Empowering Feminist Quotes Everyone Should Know

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re asking people to share their favorite feminist quotes. From Eleanor Roosevelt to Malala... Read more

small businessvideo
6 Ways to Craft a Killer Video for Your Small Business

Videos are a powerful tool for connecting with potential and existing customers. The most effective ones embrace the myriad advantages... Read more

4 Video Lessons from Oscar-Nominated Films You Can Do with Your Phone

You may assume that the cinematography we enjoy on the big screen has nothing to do with the social media... Read more

how tophotographysmall business
How to Boost Your Photography Business with Adobe Spark

Running a photography business isn’t just about making beautiful art. Marketing yourself, communicating effectively with clients, and making your work... Read more

holidayValentine's Day
Customizable Designs for Every Type of Valentine

Remember when Valentine’s Day was fun? Then hormones hit and it became all over-priced dinners and inflated expectations. Well we’re... Read more

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