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how tophotographysmall business
How to Boost Your Photography Business with Adobe Spark

Running a photography business isn’t just about making beautiful art. Marketing yourself, communicating effectively with clients, and making your work... Read more

holidayValentine's Day
Customizable Designs for Every Type of Valentine

Remember when Valentine’s Day was fun? Then hormones hit and it became all over-priced dinners and inflated expectations. Well we’re... Read more

What Every Brand Needs to Know to Use Color Effectively

Color is a powerful tool in a marketer or business owner’s arsenal as it communicates emotion and intent instantly on... Read more

13 Rules to Help You Stop Making Bad Font Choices

The way you use and pair fonts have a profound effect on your message and the feelings your graphic evokes.... Read more

10 Ways to Pair Fonts for Maximum Impact

Smart typography choices can be the difference between someone connecting, liking, and sharing your message and continuing to scroll through... Read more

week in sparks
7 Inspiring Women Leading Grassroots Movements

The Women’s March on Washington recently made history as the largest protest the U.S. has every seen. Not only did... Read more

16 Time-Saving Tips for Making Awesome Videos with Your iPhone

So you want to create videos for your business, brand, cause, or just for fun. Smart choice! Video captures attention... Read more

How to Incorporate Video into Your Twitter Content Strategy

By, Marissa Window, Twitter for Small Business Video is becoming a central piece of what’s happening on Twitter. In fact,... Read more

content marketingtrends
5 Social Media Content Trends to Know in 2017

People want to engage with good content online everyday and thanks to social media’s democratic nature, it doesn’t so much... Read more

week in sparks
The Week in Sparks: New Year Content Marketing Wins

Happy New Year! This week our news feeds felt like a perpetual #MotivationMonday while savvy marketers capitalized on January’s spirit... Read more

Spark Video and TrilbyTV Take Student Work to the Big Screens

By, Ben Forta, Adobe Education Evangelist The digital signage industry reports that digital displays capture 400 percent more views than... Read more

creativityside hustle
How to Make Time for Your Side Hustle

Data suggests that American workers toil the most hours in all of the industrial world, while a recent survey said... Read more

How to Make Awesome Last-Minute Holiday Greetings

If you’re feeling the holiday crunch and haven’t yet sent out your greeting cards, no need to turn into a... Read more

content marketingvideo
The 7 Videos You Need for Social Media Marketing Success

More and more businesses are turning to the power of video to communicate on social media. In October alone more... Read more

Now with Video Clips! Meet the New Adobe Spark Video

Let’s face it—video was everywhere in 2016. It used to be a cause, a business, a brand was invisible if... Read more

how tovideoviral video
How to Make Addictive Cooking Videos for Social Media

Cooking videos (and how-to videos more broadly) are some of the most addictive content on the web. Tasty, Buzzfeed’s food-video... Read more

5 Tips for Coming Up with a Winning Brand Hashtag

A branded hashtag, meaning the one that follows the majority of your social media posts and you encourage customers to... Read more

content marketingholidaysweek in sparks
The Week in Sparks: Season’s Greetings

Winter wonderlands and season’s greetings abound this week as creators turn to Spark for sparkling messages of holiday cheer. From... Read more

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