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inspirationwomen's history month
Infographic: The Path to Leadership

Becoming a leader doesn’t happen over night. And we’d wager that the road to power and influence isn’t a linear... Read more

educationwomen's history month
From Pink Wave to Sea Change: Making Women’s Leadership Visible to the Next Generation

Record numbers of women are projected to run for office in this year’s midterm elections. So far, the Center for... Read more

women's history month
10 Templates to Celebrate Women’s History Month

When anyone and everyone can tell their story online, which ones will pave the way for the next generation? The... Read more

content marketinginspiration
5 Lessons from Brands That Are Winning Hearts with Content

Content marketing is a little like dating. The strategic use of storytelling is akin to a brand vying for a... Read more

newstips and tricks
Free Design Workshop for Non-Designers: Learn How to Create Engaging Content for Social and Beyond!

These days, you’re practically invisible online if you don’t have strong images and videos to accompany your brand and message.... Read more

tips and tricksValentine's Day
Fun, Funky Stickers to Add to Your Valentines!

Take your Valentine’s Day greetings and cards to the next level with fun PNG cutouts you can place over photos... Read more

brandingcontent marketing
A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Strong Content Marketing Strategy

A content strategy is, at its most basic, an outline that answers the “why” and “how” of your brand’s content.... Read more

What’s in a Brand? How to Define Your Visual Identity

A bad first impression is hard to shake, especially when you’re competing against millions of contenders online. Princeton researchers found... Read more

content marketingtrending ideas
What You Need to Know About Social Media in 2018

Killer visual content is the key to a powerful online presence. Here we chat with leading social media strategists about... Read more

7 Creative Projects to Get Your Photos Out Into the World

Ask any photographer what they do with all the media they make and they’ll probably say something about file folders,... Read more

7 Tips for Turning Your Photos Into Social Media Gold

Whether you’re a professional photographer or just share your photos for fun, social media can be the greatest way to... Read more

annual reportbusinessnonprofit
How to Create a Visually Dazzling Annual Report

“Pizazz” might not be the first word that springs to mind when you hear the phrase “annual report.” But many... Read more

creative projectsinspiration
6 Creative Ways to Commemorate the Year

Even if you can’t wait to say “good riddance” to 2017, taking a moment to reflect—and actually get your thoughts... Read more

mobile photographyphotography
How to Take Photos in Low Lighting with Your Phone

If your snapshots in front of holiday decorations or candlelight pale in comparison to the real deal, this tutorial is... Read more

graphic designholidays
Fun Free Stickers to Add to Your Designs!

Like what magazine clippings did for lockers, image cutouts or stickers can do for designs! And now with the newest... Read more

How to Take Beautiful Photos of Your Holiday Meal with Your Phone

You can’t open Instagram without scrolling past a hunger-inducing photo. But if your #foodporn shots leave something to be desired,... Read more

graphic designphotography
How to Marry Text and Images + Free Type-Ready Photos

We know visual communication increases understanding and performs better than plain-text messages—especially on social media where visuals are even prioritized... Read more

graphic design
The Key to Better Graphic Design and 5 Ways to Nail It

The right words are important when it comes to promoting your brand. But without smart visual treatment, the potential impact... Read more

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