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Adobe Spark makes it easy to create stunning graphics for Instagram. No design skills necessary.

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If you’re looking for a consistent way to get more real Instagram followers, then look no further than Adobe Spark. You’ll be able to create beautiful social media graphics that will not only impress your current followers, but help attract new ones as well.

Use social graphics to attract more Instagram followers

You've likely heard the usual tips and tricks about how to get more followers on Instagram. From asking questions in your captions, to posting at certain times of the day, to using highly trafficked hashtags to aid discovery.

It’s not just a matter of asking how to gain followers on Instagram, but rather asking how to get followers who matter -- those who support your brand and who ideally will encourage their own social media followers to do the same. A proven way to kick-start a meaningful increase in Instagram followers is by creating a consistent brand image, and then promoting that image via social graphics.

How to get more followers on Instagram

  1. Pick the right image

    Find an eye-catching, evocative image that's fitting for your brand, typically a photograph or an abstract design.

  2. Write an impactful message

    Add some brief but compelling text, such as a quote, a business promotion, an invitation or a greeting.

  3. Consider a call to action

    Include a call to action, such as a direct request to like the post or leave a comment, or a contest calling for likes to enter. Both are effective ways to get Instagram followers.

  4. Consistency is key

    Post your creations to Instagram on a consistent basis to keep followers interested in coming back.

Adobe Spark Post makes it easy and free

Historically, creating social media posts with graphic elements have been the domain of the pros or those with a big budget. That’s why we created Adobe Spark Post, a web and (iOS) mobile app designed specifically for non-professionals.

As a basic overview, the app lets you lay text over images to create shareable social graphics. However, the full extent of its easy-to-use features, combined with its vast library of professionally designed templates, transforms the traditional tedious process of photography, copywriting, typography and marketing into a series of simple steps.

You don't need to understand the terminology of graphic design -- just experiment with different images and type styles, themes and layouts, filters and colors, and choose a final design that you believe your Instagram followers would love. Adobe Spark auto-sizes for Instagram and other social media channels, so as soon as you're satisfied you can post it across as many platforms as you desire.

What are people saying about Adobe Spark?

Well the compliments make us blush! Social media expert Mari Smith called us “by far the most robust, stable, dynamic, creative image editing app.” Discover if it's the answer to your question of how to get followers on Instagram by trying it yourself. Given that the app is free, you truly have nothing to lose.

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